Room 3 News

March 31-April 4, 2014

What we will be doing.....

What we will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 1- Looking at the sky can teach us many things

- Vocabulary: lucky, scatter, discover, pale, mysterious, dusk, leaped

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): full, poor, another, climb, through, lucky, leaped

- Grammar/Mechanics: adjectives

- Phonics: noisy "r" spelled er, ir, ur.

- Spelling Words: her, bird, fur, fern, dirt, burn

- Skill: Cause and Effect

* Math- Measurement

Important Notes:

****Please have your child wear a white tshirt or shirt on Wednesday! We want to take a class picture for the year book!****

- An Adjective Bag Homework Sheet will be coming home on Monday. Please read the directions and send in your child's completed adjective bag by Thursday, April 3rd..

- Foundation for Learning Drive is going on now!!! The FFL helps purchase computers for our classrooms, bulbs for our document cameras and projectors, IPads and IPods for additional grade levels and the media center, and so much more! Please donate today! Go to SSF Website for more information.

April 5th-13th: Spring Break

May 9th: First Grade Performance at 1:15

May 23rd: Open House

I am looking for a volunteer who can help out every Wednesday morning from 8:05 to 8:45 collecting the water bottles in front of the school. Marcos' mom is the only one doing it and she would like another adult to help out. After the bottles are bagged, they need to be dropped off at Helen Woodward Center. There are only 10 more Wednesday's till the end of the school year so please consider helping out for this worthy cause. Your child can work along with you.

Mrs. Hubbard, our school psychologist, very kindly prepared a little photo of each child in my room and included a little explanation of "Attribution Theory" on a half sheet of paper.

It is a way of encouraging children to do their best. Please look for it on Monday along with the homework record keeping sheet and the adjective homework assignment.

Thank you for all your support.


Sharon O'Brien