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Number of protons: 28

Number of electrons: 28

number of neutrons: 29.5

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1. It is naturally magnetic

2. It resists tarnishing in the air

3. It is malleable and ductile

Important uses

1. It is used in rechargeable batteries

2. It is used in coins

3. It is used in corrosion resistant alloys


Nickel is present in metallic meteorites and has been present since ancient times. However it was not until 1750 that it was discovered an element.

super hero abilities

1. He can control and manipulate metals through magnetism

2. He can conduct heat and electricity

3. He can give his enemies cancer

4. He is immune to tarnishing in the air

5. he can alloy himself to steel to become stronger and tougher

6.He can stretch into different shapes

7. He can charge himself with electricity and shock people

8. He can alloy himself to copper to become corrosion resistant