Dissociative Identity Disorder

Kiona 8th, 5/6/16 m.webmd.com, healthplace.com, patient.info

What is DID?

Disassociative identity disorder is mentally, it is a lacking a connection to certain thoughts, feelings, actions, and memories it's losing the sense of identity. It is thought to be a coping mechanism.

Symptoms of DID

  1. Two or more distinct personalities existing and one individual called alters.
  2. Dissociative amnesia, people can't recall certain events seen by the altar.
  3. Blackouts or amnesia.
  4. Referring to oneself as we, they hear voices in their head.
  5. Inappropriate sexual behavior.
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Percentages of who suffers most from DID

Female to male ratio 9:1

Adults, 40 million.

Causes of DID.

DID is the result of an overwhelming trauma. It is the way the person suffering from DID will cope with their past or present events going on.

Treatments for DID.

DID is treated do therapy, it is by a three-step program being; 1. Stabilization, 2. Trauma work, 3. Integration. Sometimes medication is given out to people to help but that is if they are suffering from severe depression or anxiety.