AMMS Lions Roar

"Recognize the Roar"

Wednesday, January 6th

Mr. Trey Martin, Principal

Ms. Anita Erickson, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Dr. Mimi Gamel, 7th Grade Assistant Principal

Ms. Laurie Chans, 6th Grade Assistant Principal

Calendar of Events

January 6th - 1st Day of Second Semester for Students

January 6th - January 12th - Remote Learning

January 13th - Start of Face to Face Learning

A Big Thank You

Thank you to our parents and PTA for the delicious lunch and our gift cards for Teachers and Staff. We truly appreciate your generosity and kindness in celebrating our holidays.

Semester 2 Grading Changes

As a reminder, this semester the district will go back to policy IHA with two exceptions.

A. Recovery

1. All students will have one(1) attempt to redo/retake summative assignments.

2. Eligibility for a redo/retake is for students who receive a 79 or below.

3. Students are eligible to earn a replacement grade on a redo/retake no higher than 79.

4. Student redo/retakes must be completed before the next summative assessment is given or 5 school days before the end of a marking period if there is not another summative assessment given (exceptions can be made for students who have excused absences during this five-day window).

B. Incompletes

1. FCS will adopt a NO ZERO policy for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

2. Students with missing assignments will be given an Incomplete (I).

3. Students who have not completed 80% of their summative assessments will be given an Incomplete (I) for the marking period.

Teachers will provide students and parents a syllabus containing the general content of the class and a clear explanation of the procedures by which the final grade will be determined.

ATTENDANCE for Second Semester - Please Read Carefully!

Second semester will revert to manual attendance for both: F2F Learning and Remote Learning.

  • F2F Learning
    • Attendance will be marked by period (same as always)– Present/Absent/Tardy
    • Student must attend over ½ a day to count present for the whole day.

    • Submitting Absence Notes: A student that is absent still must submit a note from the parent for being absent within 5 days of their return to school. All notes should include student's full name, date of absence, reason for absence and Dr. note when possible.

  • Remote Learning (most lessons are Synchronous-Live)
    • Attendance will be marked by period.
        • A student must be there for a “Live” lesson.
        • The teacher will take roll within the first five minutes of class.
        • If the teachers believe that the students logged in but did not stay/participate, then the teacher can remove the participation check.

        • Submitting Absence Notes: A student that is absent still must submit an email for being absent within 5 days. Parents should email Ms. Pieper at The following information should be included: student full name, grade, date of absence, reason for absence and period or periods absent. You can attach a Dr. note to the email for our records.

If a lesson is Asynchronous, then the student is required to submit an assignment to be marked Participated.

Early Check-Outs

Reminder that if students are checking out early for any reason, a note must be brought to the front office in the morning. We will stamp the note and this is the pass allowing them to be in the front office when parents arrive. Your cooperation is appreciated with this process, so we are not interrupting instructional time.

No student check outs after 3:30 p.m. without a note.


FCS is asking parents/guardians of FCS students to submit a COVID-19 Report ONLY if your child meets any of the criteria below.

  • Has tested Positive for COVID-19
  • Waiting for the results of a test for COVID-19
  • Has been in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19

Directions: Reporting Portal Link

Please DO NOT send your student to school or school sponsored events when he/she is ill and has any of the above COVID-19 concerns until you have spoken with your healthcare provider, one of the FCS Student Health Services School Nurses, or a public health official.

New Fitness and Health Club at AMMS

Fitness and Health Club

Purpose: Introduce Fitness Routines that Promote Overall Health

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 8:30 a.m.- 8:55 a.m.

Location: Gym

Club Sponsor: Coach Kearney

Questions? Contact Coach Kearney at

AMMS Basketball, Track or Gymnastics

All 7th & 8th grade Boys and Girls wanting to tryout out for Basketball, Track or Gymnastics:

The district has made the decision to delay the MS Extramural Basketball Season until later in the school year. We will work hard to reschedule this season for the kids.

Additionally, we do not know at this time when Gymnastics and Track will start. The county will discuss options over the break and give us more information when school resumes in January.

However, in preparation, we wanted to provide a link to the county’s web site where you can find all the participation forms.


Boys trying out need to get forms in to Coach Josh Williams

Girls trying out need to get forms in to Coach Dustin Owens

More information on dates for Track and Gymnastics will be forthcoming, but if you plan to try out for these sports, take care of completing the player participation forms upon returning in January.

Player Participation Forms. Each of these forms need to be completed in full

Yearbook Information

As you know, this year is different than any other school year we’ve experienced. So, our yearbook will be a bit different too! The yearbook staff would love for YOU to submit photos to be featured in this year’s book! There are two ways you can do this: it’s super easy-this can be done by both in person and virtual learners (option 1 or 2), and families/parents (option 2 only). Parents, please encourage your student to use option one as it will help with general yearbook content.

  1. ***FOR STUDENTS-will require Microsoft Login*** Click here to see a list of specific categories in which we need pictures-if you have any of these, fill out the correct form and upload your photos.
  2. *For anyone to use-no login required* Click here to submit any photos, including photos that do not fit into one of the above forms-we need those too! (if user ID needed use this: 415464602)

Yearbooks on Sale Now!

Yearbooks are on sale now! This will be an unforgettable book for an unforgettable year so purchase one now at the lowest price of the year. Click here to purchase one now!

Parents of 8th Graders-celebrate your middle school grad with a Recognition Ad. Space is limited so click here to purchase your ad!


Autrey Mill implemented the PBIS program last year. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. We are using the technology- based management system 'PBIS Rewards' to help us with this behavior incentive program. Parents should have received an email with detailed information on how to access this system.

Students can earn rewards throughout the day by meeting our behavior expectations of demonstrating RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE behavior. These rewards are in the form of electronic points. They can redeem these points for privileges, raffle tickets, tangible items, access to events, and other fun rewards. We encourage you to talk with your students about what they must do to be successful with PBIS Rewards.

Community Notes

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