Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 10____Oct. 28, 2013

This Week at Gattis....

PTA Online Readathon


  • 2nd 9 week grading period begins


  • 8:00 Annual ARD
  • 8:55 Annual ARD
  • 11:55 Annual ARD
  • 1:40 Revision ARD
  • 2:45 Kona Ice


  • 10:40 Revision ARD
  • 12:45 Early Release
  • Just In Time Professional Development



  • 7:35 School-wide Assembly
  • 5th Grade Field Trip - Science in the Movies
  • SSTs (K, 4th, 5th)
  • Tent or Treat

A Look Ahead....

Oct. 28 Nov. 8 LA Narrative Prompt Scan Window

Oct. 29 Kona Ice 2:45

Oct. 29 6:30PTA Executive Board Meeting

Oct. 30 Early Release/ Just in Time meetings

Nov. 1 5th Grade Field Trip

Nov. 1 PTA Tent or Treat

Nov. 5 Bully - Movie @ Flix Brewhouse (pm)

Nov. 7 7:30 am PTA Parent Breakfast

Nov. 7 Principal Today

Nov. 12 Leadership

Nov. 12 PTA Meeting - 5th grade program

Nov. 13 Turn In date - Student Treasure Packets

Nov. 14 8:00 K Award Ceremony

Nov. 14 8:45 1st Award Ceremony

Nov. 14 9:30 2nd Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 8:00 4th Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 8:45 5th Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 9:30 3rd Award Ceremony

Nov. 21 & 22 Traveling Canyon

Nov. 26 Fire Dept. Assembly

Nov. 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 2-11 Math, Science, Reading, Writing CBA window

Link for grade level details:

October Birthdays at Gattis!

Oct. 2 Sarah Newsom

Oct. 9 Cindy Healy AND Kimberly Wolfean

Oct. 25 Leah Norman

Oct. 27 Jennifer Moy

Just In Time Sessions - Wednesday Oct. 30

Professional Development this Wednesday afternoon will have all grade level teachers in Just In Time Sessions.

Training will be on our campus for SPED team covering the new EStar. This training is located in the computer lab


So much to celebrate after such a busy week!

Thank you to everyone who worked to make the Family Reading Night such a great success! We're producing great readers at Gattis because of your efforts!

Kudos to Mrs. Wallingsford, Mrs. DuBois and the fabulous team of volunteers who orchestrated the fabulous book fair! Thank you all for your work!

I appreciate the efforts of Christinne Etheredge, Ms. Ard, Ms. Warren and 5th grade teachers who are working so hard to find positive solutions in challenging situations!

Thank you to our counselors, Mrs. Shanahan and Ms. Graf for planning a great Red Ribbon Week. And thank you to ALL for high levels of participation in the activities.

Mrs. Murry shared a celebration for all of the support Kinder received when they were short a sub and had to divide a class for the day:

Robin Foerster, Eva Hughes pitched in all day long, being so helpful! Helping me to get the students where they belonged, (and that is way TOO small a sentence for how much they helped!), Every time we asked, Catherine was doing her best and helping us to get coverage, and Amy Hoffman stepped up to help with car riders. Kay Wallingford went above and beyond by coming to get Ms. Sanford's kids from all the classes to walk them to the Book Fair preview. As I dropped the kids off at Art, Ms. Leplattenier offered to give us her conference time if we needed her! I forgot to mention the wonderful ladies I work with!! Where you might understand a bit of grumbling, not these ladies. They were taking care of the kids, making everything as smooth as it could possibly be, being good to each other, with smiles on their faces.

Thank you ALL for being so amazing! Several teams have had to implement the same solution to substitute shortages recently! Your team work is appreciated!

Substitute Shortages

Our apologies for the difficulties we are having with securing substitutes. Please remember to request a sub through SubFinder as soon as you know that you will need one. If you are feeling bad the night before and suspect that you may need one, go ahead and request. It is much easier to cancel a sub than to find one at the last minute.

Emergency Drill Procedures

Please remember to periodically review your emergency drill procedures and responsibilities with your team so that you are well prepared in the event of an emergency or drill.

Student Treasures

The deadline for submitting your student treasure book packets to me is coming up Nov. 13! Let me know right away if you need support in some way,