Adolf Hitler

by: jace baccus

Adolf Hitler

Hitler's Early Life

  • Adolf Hitler was born in Austria-Hungary, a border town of Bavaria Germany.
  • Hitler was interested in the fine arts, and attended an art school.
  • Hitler moved to Vienna, Austria to pursue art.
  • The city was known to be very anti-Semitic (against Jews).
  • Hitler did not get into art school because a Jewish professor rejected his artwork.
  • Hitler’s mother became ill but died after a Jewish doctor could not cure her.“
  • Hitler made it clear that his time in Vienna was entirely the fault of the Jews – ‘I began to hate them.””

Hitler's Hard Times

  • After his mother’s death, Hitler continued to live in Austria selling postcards and paintings, but it was not his purpose in life.
  • World War I started and Hitler tried to join the Austrian army searching for his purpose in life.
  • Hitler failed the army’s physical, so he joined the German army.
  • Hitler was injured in battle and placed in the hospitalGermany had been winning the war up to this time.
  • During his recovery, Germany surrendered.
  • Hitler thought that the Jews forced Germany to surrender.

Hitler's Rise to Power

  • Hitler entered into politics in Munich by speaking at the German Workers’ Party, which was an extreme anti-Semitic, anti-communist, right wing nationalist party.
  • This group consisted of ex-soldiers.
  • The German Workers’ Party became the National Socialist Workers’ Party, or Nazi.
  • Hitler quickly becomes the recognized leader of the Nazis for his passionate beliefs.
  • Hyperinflation ruined the middle class so they blamed the government.
  • Hitler took over Munich by using the middle class.
  • After taking over Munich, Germany took over Austria and Czechoslovakia.
  • They killed a prisoner dressed in a Polish uniform and said he "attacked" a German radio station.
  • This was Hitler's "reason" to attack Poland.

Hitler's Death

  • Germany wasn't going to win World War II.
  • Adolf Hitler committed suicide using a cyanide pill and shooting himself in the head

Hitler's Notoriety

  • Hitler killed more than 6 million Jews between 1939 and the end of the war in 1945.
  • Jews were considered an inferior race.
  • The Nazis didn't think the Jews were real people.

The Unknown

Insane Highway Driving In A Porsche 977 GT3
  1. Hitler created the Olympic torch relay ceremony.
  2. Nazis were the first to have laws protecting animals.
  3. "People's Car"
  4. No Smoking