The Impact of 3-Pointers

By: Christion Neal

Chris Ford

Chris Ford made the first three pointer in the National Basketball League. He was on the Boston Celtics team. On October 12, 1979 he made the first three pointer. He was a shooting guard and a small forward.
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First Three!

Kevin Grevey, pictured below, made a 3-pointer the same night as Chris Ford. He was a left-handed player on the Washington Bullets. He played 8 seasons with the Bullets (1976-1983). After he finished playing with the Bullets he switched teams. He played with the Milwaukee Bucks for 2 years (1983-1985).
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3 point Record Holders

The chart above list the current three point record holders.
Stephen Curry Top 10 3-Point Shooting Plays

The History Behind The 3 Pointer!

The three pointer was invented as a gimmick to get more fans to come to the games. The three pointers allowed small forwards and guards to hit thrilling shots. Before the 3 pointer only slam dunks got the crown on their feet. By adding three pointers the score of the game has increased.

Ray Allen vs. Stephen Curry

These two players are some of my favorite and have a long standing battle in three pointers. Ray Allen was the leading 3 pointer until Stephen Curry took it over in 2015.