Spartan Superstar: Jaime Reynolds

Taking a Break

Over Winter break, Self-proclaimed Emporia High superstar did absolutely nothing. Well not technically of course because is that even possible? The high light of the superstars break was starting to watch the HBO show Dexter. In one single day, Reynolds watched a phenomenal 14 episodes. Yes, potty breaks were made, snacks too, but mistakes? Defiantly not!

"Starting Dexter was the best thing for me at the time" Reynolds exclaims. "I was at a rough patch in my life, my girlfriend was busy and all of my friends were out of town. i was lost, broken."

EHS Sports

Spartans Going to State

The Emporia High swim team hosted yet another meet last night, throwing five teams into competition. Over all the Emporia High Spartans got second place in the meet falling short to only Topeka Seamen. one of the highlights of the night for Emporia High was sending their 400 meter relay team to state with an overall time of 3:50. Emporia passed qualification time with three seconds to spare.

Now Showing!

Showing in theaters is the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy. the movie continues to follow the Dwarves accompanied by Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit and Gandalf, a great wizard. In Part two, the group finally makes it to the home of the Dwarves, the Lonely Mountain. The journey is not quiet over yet though, there is still a dragon and an evil army of Gobblins and Orcs trying to gain control.