Sadien Catering

adding a personal touch to your function

Catering for all your function needs- big or small

Platters serves 10 to 12 ppl

Savoury @ R180 - 30 samoosas, 20 pies, 20 halfmoons, 12 springrolls,

Egg n vetkoek platter @ R170 -24 egg halves, 16 vetkoek, 16 quiche,10 cheese puffs,

Meat platter @ R290 - 40 meatballs, 30 sticky wings, 15 cocktail steak kebabs,

French loaf platter @ R160 - 28 slices, Tuna, mussel, chicken, egg n mayo,

Crostini platter @ R170- 26 slices- mozzarella with rosa tomatoes n basil, beef pastrami, smoke snoek, Salmon pat'e.

Fancies cakes and savouries

Cup cakes - R5.50
Biscuits - R45 a box.
Party cakes - R320
Samoosas - R2.50 each
Pies- R3 each
Sausage rolls - R3 each.
Pastries - R2.50 each
Choc cakes- R100 each

From our kitchen to your table

Sadien Catering

Catering for all your menu needs no matter the size or menu requirements. We are a purely Halaal catering service. Orders must be placed 7 days in advance for large orders of more than R500 and 4 days for less than R500.