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Home for the Holidays

Now is an excellent time to sell your property. Nothing says "home" like a house decked out with holiday charm. Christmas lights twinkling up and down the lane create an inviting runway for relocating buyers to land in DFW.

The supply of homes on the market has dropped while the demand stays high due to people relocating to DFW with the openings of Toyota, Liberty Mutual, Fedex, and State Farm to name a few.

As the Director of Relocation and Business Development, I work with corporate accounts to help relocate their new hires to the DFW area. One of their biggest concerns is, "Will there be good properties available for Mr. or Ms. New Hire?"

Our team researches and proactively look for inventory before it shows up on the market. If you are considering selling your home, please give me a call at 972-608-0777.

We would love to be able to report back to those concerned VP's there is excellent inventory available!

Best Regards,

Corrie Harris, MA

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From the Desk of the CEO

Sellers: As anticipated, last week was slower for home buyers by 2% in the DFW market. The turkey must have given home buyers a little lull in their purchase motivation. As anticipated, we will look to see if home sales tick up over the next two weeks as home buyers seek to close before the end of the year. If you are considering a price reduction, now is the time to strike.

Buyers: With a slight lull in the market last week, inventory is slightly higher this week over the previous week. If you are purchasing a vacant home, there is a significant tax advantage you earn by closing by December 31 versus January 1. You must close by Dec 31 to be able to have a homestead tax exemption on your primary residence. If you want to be in by Dec 31, the next week is crucial for you to find that home and put it under contract so the lender can perform on time.

Investors: Keep an eye out for fewer homes to hit the market and for inventory to have a small bump the week after Thanksgiving.

Seychelle Engelhard, CEO

Van Poole Properties

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Relocating to DFW? Welcome Home...

We provide the same services as a relocation company without the same fees. Call me to find out more... 972-608-0777
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Left to Right back row: Marie, Sharmy, Andrew, Meleese, Corrie, and Erica.

Left to Right front row: Macey, Carolina, Barbara, Seychelle, and Rayna

Not shown: Our fabulous agent in Austin...Gwen!

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Over the past decade and a half, VPP has skillfully assembled a team of expert realtors. As a result of delegating responsibilities to agents who specialize in specific areas of real estate, the VPP Team has consistently out performed the industry standard in the DFW area. Clients get a streamlined process, take advantage of cumulative knowledge, and never see the plethora of activities the team handles for them behind the scenes. Each agent strategically plays their part for world class service. The difference in getting a team of agents for the price of one is substantiated by their experience. Find out what people are saying about the team on testimonials page.
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