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Franklin Friday Reflection

This is a place to reflect, to plan, and to inform.

Lesson Planning and Delivery

Ever feel like you are running around with your hair on fire??

Planning That Ensures academic achievement

(From teach like a champion - D. lemov)

Structuring and Delivering Your Lessons

“Ratio: A successful lesson is rarely marked by a teacher’s getting a good intellectual workout at the front of the room. Push more and more of the cognitive work out to students as soon as they are ready, with the understanding that the cognitive work must be on-task, focused, and productive” (p. 93).

“The proportion of the cognitive work students do in your classroom is known as your Ratio” (p. 92). This means getting the kids to do the writing, the thinking, the analyzing, and the talking as much as you can.


Half-Statements - say half and ask a student to finish the idea.

What’s Next? - Ask about process and not just product.

Rephrase or add on - Ask a student to rephrase or improve a peer’s answer.

Supporting Evidence - Ask for an explanation or for evidence.

Teach Habits of Discussion First - Volleyball works because students have been taught how to pass the ball. Teach students how to phrase starters to use in interacting: I agree with ____because…, I want to say more about what you said…, What evidence can you give to support your opinion?

Discussion Objectives - Remember that questioning and discussions need to be productive. Students need to think and talk about what is rigorous. Remember a tool or a strategy must be placed with purpose and not used simply for the sake of using a strategy.

PYP Learner Profile and Attributes

Attitudes and Attributes - Look for the attachment in this Friday’s email. After 11 years of working with the Learner Profile...we are advancing to including the attributes as well. Please talk about these in your classrooms monthly as you do the Learner Profile traits. We are currently sticking to awarding only the SOM based on the Learner Profile however, we are open to talking about awarding the attributes too.


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Sub Finder

Above you will see the guide to how to use AESOP.

It has come to my attention that many of you are asking Helen to schedule your subs. This should be something that she does as a rare exception connected to some special event. If you are having issues with the new AESOP system please let us know. I have also put the “how to” link below. I promise there will be a time when you need to use it and she will not be around.

Calendar Events

2/1 - 2/5 National School Counselors


2/2 PLC for Staff Meeting - Direction’s to come on Monday

2/2 Committee for Marketing meet with me at 1:45 in the conference room

2/2 4th Grade with McCallum @ 1:45 in room 603

2/3 PTO Meeting @ 8 AM

2/4 Attendance facilitator here on campus

2/5 100th Day of School

2/8 5th at the McCallum

2/9 Kinder to the Fire Dept. for a field trip

Full Staff Meeting

2/10 Spring Photos

2/12 & 2/15 No School

2/16 PLC for staff time

2/19 SpEd Pre-School Parent Meeting

2/22 Science Fair Projects Due

Report card window opens

2/23 Kinder to Jewel’s Market field trip

2/24 NYS meeting at 8:30 am

2/25 SSC/ELAC Meeting at 8 AM

9:15 Fire Drill

2/26 Super Charger Drawing

5th Grade field trip to the Living Desert

2/27 Saturday School

2/29 4th Grade Math Benchmark 2 opens