New York

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Why should you live in New York?

Instead of asking yourself "Why should I live in New York?", you should be asking yourself, "Why shouldn't I?" New York is the perfect place to live. This is the land of opportunity!

SPOILER: New York is a global city, meaning there is something here for everyone!

More on New York

Physical Geography and Econominc Development of New York

New York is located in the North East region of America. This was also known as one of the "Middle Colonies". With plenty of rain and sunshine year round, New York benefited economically from the land. People grew many different crops, including grains and wheat. New York and other middle colonies were referred to as "Breadbasket colonies" because of how many crops were grown. New York and other "Breadbasket" colonies traded agricultural products as well as natural resources.
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Religion and Colonial Government in New York

New York wasn't run by a specific religion. This gave a lot of religious freedom to the people of New York.

Because New York was under English rule, the government reflected that of England. New York's government was that of a Royal Colony.

Key People of New York

Two key people who helped shape New York are Peter Stuyvesant and Peter Minuit. Stuyvesant was the last Dutch Director-General of New York before it was overruled by the English. Minuit was responsible for getting parts of modern day New York City away from Native Americans and into Dutch rule.