Mrs. Stewart's Classroom News

January 24, 2016

The Enormous Egg

Students are getting near the end of our One School, One Book program. We have been reading, The Enormous Egg, by Oliver Butterworth. It is a story about Nate Twitchell, a young boy who discovers and hatches a baby triceratops from a rather extraordinary chicken egg. According to the calendar on the inside of the cover, students should have read through chapter 12 this weekend so that they do not fall behind in the book. I am also giving short quizzes from the book to ensure that all students are reading and comprehending the story. We will finish reading the book by Friday. There is a really exciting wrap-up celebration scheduled for Friday morning, and I know my kids will love it!

Third Quarter Grades Have Been Updated in Powerschool

Just a few little observations. Some students have lower averages this quarter than in recent quarters. We are getting into that time of year when the work gets a bit more challenging, and students must continue to show their best work. Now is not the time to be complacent. Students have plenty of time this quarter to improve their averages in all academic areas. They must stay focused and be responsible for all of their work, including homework. They need to "check in" when they read to make sure they are comprehending the text. If they cannot give a summary of what they just read, then they need to go back and re-read. I am confident that all of my students are capable of making the honor roll if they exhibit excellence each day!

Homework Reminders

Students are continuing to study greek and latin roots in language arts. These words are a bit more difficult to spell, so students need to study their words each night. They do have quick assignments to complete each night, but also need to practice the spellings. All spelling homework assignments are due Friday. As always, students have a math sheet of review concepts to be completed and turned in by Friday. Lastly, this is our last week of One School, One Book, so students will only need to read their chapter for homework each night. Next week we will go back to completing our Reader Response Journals.

Great Wall of China Project

We need milk jugs...LOTS OF THEM! Our class will be constructing our very own Great Wall of China to go along with our Culture Fair Project. Please wash out your empty gallon milk jugs and send them to school with your child. We need them ASAP:) Ask your friends and family to donate too!