Medieval Times

familial and educational values

the medieval ages lasted from the 5th to the 16th century.
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Families in Medieval Europe

  • Families in the medieval times were not really brought upon by love but for status
  • If someone were to marry someone it would be for inheritance, economy or family
  • The woman not only worked inside the house but outside as well to practice the husband's craft
  • Marriages were arranged at a young age for the children by their parents
  • If the daughter was married off it was mainly for the family to have their share of privilege
  • Segregation was really common between familie
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education in medieval Europe

  • Education was only open to sons who had high social status's
  • Main method was memorization
  • Girls were only sent to school for household things
  • Math was an important thing to learn and understand because it had a connection to geometry and astrology
  • Education wasn't important at first
  • Boys were mainly sent off to school.
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