Golden jewls

By: Taylor DelCarmine

deep down there

"Come on your going to make us late for our plane ride!" All my team members yelled at the same time. "I'll Be down in a minute." I called back. My heart was thumping, and my heart was in my throat. I have been on archaeological digs before, but never this far away. My back fully packed as I lug it down the stairs. I get in the car, "Egypt here we come!" A crew member screamed out the window.

I was in Egypt in 2003 when I discovered the golden bracelets and crown. My group, the DigCarmines, were searching in a tiny town in Egypt, in a small valley with piles, and piles of dirt. I was searching in Egypt because, it is very interesting, and I have heard many stories about this fascinating place. My team was always interested in Egypt and wanted to learn more about the cultural, and decided to dig around in old places. We were searching in Egypt because my mom grew up there, and always told me amazing stories from when she was little.

My team spread out among all the piles of dirt, four people per pile. I knew something was up. I made my team dig extra care full in spite of whatever we were digging for. At this point, we didn’t know what we were actually looking for.

“Taylor come quick I found something!” I follow the echo of the voice. “Wow! Let’s just keep digging, just in case there is anything left in these old piles. The sun burns my back. I dig and dig for hours, but I can’t seem to find anymore, now I take it back to the lab to figure out what dating method to use.

Once I figured out, that the jewelry is an artifact, I now had to figure out what dating method to use. I decided to use absolute dating, so I could figure out how old the artifact was. I wanted to figure out how old the jewelry was so, my team and I could learn more about that time period. Once I did that, I did a little more research from that time period to complete the story of the jewelry. I decided to go back to Abnub, a tiny town in Egypt, where I found the jewelry to see if I missed anything the first two times, but nothing. I truly believe absolute is the best dating method for the jewelry.

Now that I've done the three stages of archaeology, I can finish up with the final stage. The source is golden jewelry from Egypt, the valley my team found it in was a sacrificing place. People would gather around for sacrificing I believe this, because when I did more research I found out that the alley I visited, long ago was a sacrificing place. Once I figured out the story of the beautiful jewelry, I did just a little more research on the ground so that I was not missing anything. That is when I discovered about the two pieces of golden jewelry I found in 2003, in Egypt.