Not Vaccinating for the Measles 😷

Nicole Jezek

People don't vaccinate 💉

The measles is a deadly virus that people still die from even thought there is a way to help sop it with the vaccine. How can I make a presentation that will encourage people to get the measles vaccine? I picked this topic because i know that there are still people dying from the measles and I want people to realize that though the measles virus is rare, it is also a deadly dease.

Having the choice to vaccinate 😀

One of the biggest debates is weather kids should get the vaccine. The parents are the ones that make the choice but when it comes to school, it is required that kids get the vaccine. Only 2 states don't allow religious reasons or personal beliefs. Some places such as gyms, sports teams, clubs, ex wont let you join unless you have been vaccinated for the safety for the other members.

The facts about the measles

The death rate for getting the measles is low but it still happens to about 2 out of 400 cases hospitalized.Like in 2014, 114,200 cases of the measles were reported. "Measles is the most contagious of our infectious diseases." says Dr. Naomi Kristin. I think that she is right and we should get the vaccinations but many people all over the world digress
this video talks about a people not getting the vaccine and the dangers of not vaccinating. It goes over almost everything I am trying to tell you. I learned new facts like less then 90% of preschoolers get the vaccine.