Expository Essay on Explorers

5th Grade American History

Students' were assigned an early American explorer to research using books from the 4 Aledo Elementary school libraries. Kudos to those Librarians for pulling and shipping the books we needed to borrow. Thank you to Mrs. Faulknerl for organizing this with the Elementaries. We then took the students through the writing process using Thinking Maps.

5th Grade American History teachers

Mrs. Crimmings
Ms. Eagleton
Mrs. Shreckengast
Mrs. Adams

Thinking Maps

The Thinking Maps® model program consists of eight maps that correspond with fundamental thinking processes. The Circle Map is used for defining in context; the Bubble Map, describing with adjectives; the Flow Map, sequencing and ordering; the Brace Map, identifying part/whole relationships; the Tree Map, classifying/grouping; the Double Bubble Map, comparing and contrasting; the Multi-Flow Map, analyzing causes and effects; and the Bridge Map, seeing analogies. These maps are a "common visual language" for students in all subject areas (Grades K-12).