Pura Vida

By: Olivia Wilkinson

Words and Music were written by Cristi Cary Miller.

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Pura Vida has three parts, Soprano, Alto, and Baritone.
Many people in Costa Rica use the expression "pura vida" to mean "pure life" or "all is well."
Pura vida pura vida esta bien, bien. Pura vida, vida. Pura vida, pura vida, vida es felicidad. Pura vida in spanish translates to Pure life, pure life, life is good. Pure life, pure life, life is happiness, pure life.
These pieces are contrasting because Pura Vida is in mostly Spanish and Happily Ever After is all in English. Happily Ever After is more of a pop-type song while Pura Vida is not. Also, Happily Ever After uses songs from movies, while Pura Vida is its own thing.