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All schools will use link and then choose their school or district from the dropdown. There are no direct links to a school’s sign in page beyond that.

Once they select their district from the dropdown, they’ll be directed to either the Google, Clever, or ClassLink (whatever method they’ve chosen) login page where they can enter their school credentials and get redirected back to Sora. Because they’re part of shared collection, choosing their district from the dropdown is a requirement.






Features & Service Enhancements


  • Public Library Connect
  • OverDrive Read
  • Read Alongs
  • OverDrive Listen
  • Dyslexic Font

Service Enhancements:

  • Advantage
  • API's
  • Integrations
  • MARC Records




You can find all Marketplace users, BOCES and Advantage in Marketplace under Admin > Marketplace users. If you sort by Advantage account column, you’ll be able to see which schools have accounts, as well as the user’s login ID. If needed, you can also create additional Advantage logins for existing accounts under the Add users button.


Get help with Admin:
  • Invoicing
  • MARC Records
  • Weeding
  • Advantage Plus
  • Title Assignments


Class sets note from Kaleigh 7/29/20

The class set, or commonly known as the “rental” lending model, is less expensive than the OC/OU and MA models. When you purchase a Class Set, you buy the title for a set of specific users for a predetermined length of time, which is commonly a 2/3 month rental and common pricing of $3.00-$5.00 (depends on popularity)

The title will be automatically assigned to each user on the start date that you choose. To purchase a Class Set, you'll need to know your desired start date, lending period, and the user IDs for users who should receive the title.

To the best of my knowledge, MacMillan is the only publisher that requires at least 30 copies in each Class Set where as others do not have any stipulations. HarperCollins is AWESOME though and has prices as low as $1.17 and offers a 6 month rental option.

I highly recommend sharing the lending model overview for those inquiring. And for more detailed information, especially on purchasing, the class set or simultaneous use overviews are extremely helpful.

I hope that information is helpful and am happy to jump on a call to dive into more of this/answer other questions.


Any curated list the OverDrive makes is automatically pushed to the “Draft standard collections” in your Marketplace account. You can scroll through to see which ones you’d like to publish to Sora. The ones we most recently pushed out are “Self Care in the New Year J/YA,” “Cozy Winter Read J/YA,” and “Learn a New Hobby! J/YA.” Any of these collections can be renamed when in clicking the collection title.

To create and publish an automated collection for graphic novels, follow these steps:

  1. Select Standard curation from the Curate drop-down menu.
  1. Click Create standard collection.
  1. In the pop-up window that opens, choose Automated as your collection type, enter a name and an optional description for your collection, and click Next.
  1. When you click Next, you'll be taken to your collection's details page. Under “Subject,” select “Comic and Graphic Books.” The remainder of the criteria you can set how you see fit.
  1. When you're ready to publish your collection, choose Sora under "Publishing locations" and click Publish.
  1. In the pop-up window that opens, click Publish again.

Note: Published collections generally appear on the website or app within 30 minutes. However, some collections may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Create Collections from Purchase Orders

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Create Collections from Recommended Lists

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Create Hand-picked and Automated Collections

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Create an Advantage Collection

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Advanced search option

You can use the Advanced Search option, next to the search bar, after you create and pin your collection, as you would any normal collection. The Advanced Search option allows you to search by format (SU, in the case), publisher, genre, etc.

Publishing Location for Collections

This Marketplace Help page how to manage curation for Advantage accounts and you can provide this how-video and PDF on Curating Collections for Sora. If Sora isn’t popping up in the "Publishing locations" box, she most likely didn’t change the "Customize Advantage collections" setting to Yes.

Once she does that (step 3 in the article linked above), she’ll be able to post her collections. Please let me know if you have any questions.


ou can update content access levels for a title at any time by following these steps:

  1. Select Content access levels from the Admin drop-down menu.

  1. In the search box that opens, enter your criteria to search for existing titles, then click Search.
    • To see all titles in your collection, leave all the fields blank and make sure that the "Period Type" field is set to Specific.
    • To see all titles from a cart you purchased in the past, enter the cart's order ID in the "Purchase Order ID" field. You can use either value from the "Order ID" column in the Purchase orders report (under Insights > Purchase & order reports).

  1. From your search results, you can:
    • Edit the access level(s) for an individual title by clicking the pencil icon next to the title.
    • Edit the access level(s) for a group of titles by checking the box next to each title (or at the top of the column to edit the whole page), then clicking the Edit Access Levels button in the upper-right corner of the grid.
      Note: If your cart has multiple pages, make sure to check the access levels on each page.

  1. In the pop-up window that opens, edit the access level(s) for your chosen title(s), then click Confirm. Your new content access levels will go into effect within two hours of your change.
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Advantage Plus

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I can't log in to Sora

I can't see the correct content access level (Adult, YA, Juvenile)


Their Sora Preferences may be filtering out titles. Ask your student to check the following:

  1. Go to Explore.
  2. Click or tap Preferences at the top of the screen.
  3. Make sure your preferences look like this:
  • Available books: Everything
  • Language: Any
  • Audience: All
  • Compatibility: Sora
4. If you change any preferences, click or tap Apply.

I can't borrow a book

If you can't borrow a book, there are a few possible reasons:

  • All the copies of the book are checked out. You can place a hold instead to get the book when it's available.
  • You're at your loan limit. You'll need to return a book or wait for one to expire before you can borrow another book. To find out what your loan limit is, ask your teacher.

I can't renew a book

If you can't renew a book, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Someone else has the book on hold. You can place it on hold too, and borrow it again when it's available.
  • You sent the book to Kindle. You can place a hold and borrow the book again after it expires. If other people have the book on hold, you'll have to wait until it's available.

I can't use Sora because it keeps saying that it is updating

If Sora is seemingly stuck in an updating mode, there are a few things you can do:

1) Clear your cache and history

2) If that does not work, use a different browser

3) If that does not work, restart your computer

I don't know the difference between OverDrive, Sora & Libby

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Overdrive & Sora

OverDrive is a digital library offering both ebooks and audiobooks for the students and teachers of the Questar III region, anytime, anywhere! Sora is the new user-friendly app that lets you access it through your laptop, phone or tablet.

The Sora app was designed around the modern student reading experience. It empowers students to discover and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from their school, for both leisure and class-assigned reading.

Your New Upgraded Sora (previously OverDrive) Experience

Recently, the Questar III School Library System worked in conjunction with your district's Technolgy Department to upgrade your OverDrive sign in experience.

Previously students and teachers were required to create and use login credentials in order to use OverDrive.

Now, all students and faculty have access to single sign-on with Sora using their school email accounts.

It is super easy for all ages!

Can I use my old OverDrive URL?

No, please use this link: or the Sora App.

Can I still use my old username & password to sign in?

No, old usernames and passwords have been deleted. Please sign in using your school email credentials.

I don't know how to use Google Classroom with Sora

  • Where in Google Classroom can they paste the link? It’s my understanding that they can add a link to any assignment, a class home page, or anywhere it’s possible to place a link. Correct, anywhere that something can be shared. It could be in the class details, as an assignment, or anywhere else the teacher finds it most suitable.

  • When they do this, what happens? Clinking the link directs students to Sora to access the title to either borrow or place a hold.

  • When the posted link is clicked does it just take the student directly to the Sora log in or maybe to the title details only? If they’re logged in to Sora already, it will take the directly to whatever URL the teacher grabs. If not, once they sign in, they’ll be directed to the URL in question. If the students are not logged into Sora, they will first be required to do so. From here, it will take the directly to the details page where they could then borrow/place a hold on the title.

  • What happens if the title is not checked out at the time the teacher adds the link to the title, but someone borrows it after the fact? The student will need to place the title on hold. Adding a link/title to Google classroom only provides a way to access the title. If someone borrowed it after the fact, and available copies do not remain, they would have to place a hold. If a teacher wants a specific student to have a title, I would first use the title assigning feature.

  • Are adding links to specific books in Sora (other than always available titles) a good idea for a BOCES wide collection? Like, what is the point of just adding Sora links to Google Classroom? If a teacher needs a specific book for a lesson and own it via an Advantage account, they are better off assigning the title. Otherwise, it’s a first come first serve. Instead of linking to titles, they should post the Sora URL so students can search the collection in general or to a specific curated list. Also, I would not suggest posting links for titles in the BOCES collection unless it is simultaneous use, just because this could definitely increase holds.



Step 1 (we will use Coxsackie-Athens as an example school)

Step 2

Choose your school from the dropdown menu.
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Step 3

Click the "Sign in using YOUR SCHOOL NAME" green button and sign in using your credentials.
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Step 4

You are in! Proceed as you normally would.
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Using the Sora App

If you would like to use Sora on a phone or tablet, please follow the directions below.
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For Google schools that have not yet introduced Sora, please know...

While Google authentication is supported through the OverDrive app on your mobile device, it does require enabling a new setting on your device. The OverDrive app, and many other apps, use the WebView UI to perform web browser functions from within apps. In late 2016, Google disabled the ability to initiate OAuth requests via the WebView UI. As a result of this change, we added the feature to allow GoogleOAuth requests to be routed to the device's native browser.

These settings only need enabled once on each device, but please note you do not need to complete these steps if accessing your collection using Sora.

Android - OverDrive v3.7.4

1. Go to Home menu > Settings.

2. Enable the option "Sign in using web browser."

When this setting is turned on, users with newer versions of Chrome display the sign-in page in-app, while others (with old versions of Chrome or a different browser altogether) will be kicked out into their (external) web browser to sign in.

iOS - OverDrive v3.7.5

1. Go to Home menu > Settings.

2. Enable the option "Sign in with Safari."

When this setting is turned on, iOS 11 users will be prompted then the sign-in page will slide up, and iOS 10 (and older) users will kicked out into their (external) Safari browser for sign in and then brought back into the app.

We highly recommend using the Sora App (not the OverDrive app).