The Beautiful Havana, Cuba

If you want to visit a unique culture then visit Havana,Cuba

Food that is Delicioso! (Delicious)

From arroz y frijoles to cerdo asada, Havana has the food to make your taste buds do the Salsa!

Lie down with a nice glass of milk, a cup of coffee, and maybe some bread with butter with delicious rice and eggs.

Have a beautiful lunch with rice, black, red, white beans, or chick peas, and Roast pork, steak, eggs, or fish. A popular side is green fried plantains.

Settle down with a nice warm broth with so much types of vegetables, like watercress, carrots, cabbage, and lettuce.

To have any of these fantastic food make sure to visit Havana, Cuba! But make sure to learn more about their culture before you do!

A Very Unique Culture

Havana has a unique culture because they were ruled by Spain but since they had African slaves there is a Spanish and African influence in their culture as their dances, music, and art.

Cuba was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and called this new founded land Juana in honor of Prince Juan, which was later replaced with Cuba. Cuba became independent from Spain only to become ruled by the USA, but they won their independence and became communist but the dictator lost his power and Cuba became socialist

The Cuban govt. strongly supports the arts and offers free ballet lessons, and pays musicians a salary. Cubans enjoy dancing, singing, painting, and making music.

Cuban culture is really fun! So make sure to celebrate in style. But make sure to check out tourism to to know where to go to enjoy their culture.

Cuban Salsa Dance Styling - Havana, Cuba

Entertaining Europe

Cuba has had a tight bond with Spain since it is the oldest, and the longest piece of land Spain has owned. So Europeans have visited Cuba for a long time. Cuba makes its money off of these tourist.

Ice cream is a really popular snack which Cubans love! There is a huge ice cream shop which almost takes up an entire block! You could get a bowl of delicious ice cream, and who wouldn't on a hot day in Cuba.

Make sure to go on one of Cuba's bus tours which takes you to 44 stops, and you could get on or off at any of them. The buses are double deckers but if you go on the top make sure to where sunscreen because it gets really hot.

Visit Playas del Este we you could relax at pearl white sand and turquoise blue waters. You could chillax, or swim. Also bring extra money for pedal-boats, or windsail boat rentals. Be careful with the jellyfish in the winter!

Historical Sights to Remember

Do you want to see The Christopher Columbus Cemetery, or go back in time at Old Havana?

The Christopher Columbus Cemetery is the biggest cemetery in Cuba. Its has gorgeous marble statues. But make sure to bring sunscreen because it gets super hot in the mid-afternoon.

Old Havana is a city trapped in time. It's like time hasn't moved since the 1950's & 60's!

And make sure to bring plenty of money to go shopping!

Come on over to The Morro Castle where lies a beautiful view of the ocean. Also make sure to come late at night the see a spectacular cannon show. Use you imagination and pretend there is a pirate invasion and you have to stop it!

Before you could go you must learn Cuban language. So stop on by to the languages selection.

Streets of Old Havana, CUBA

A Bit More Than What You Think

Cuban spanish is more than spanish from Mexico or straight from Spain. This is always more than what meets the eye.

Cuban Spanish comes from many origins like Indian, African, Amerindian and Spanish of course!

There are three languages spoken in Cuba, Spanish, Creole, and "LuCum". The main language is Spanish which 90% of the population speak.

English is a language taught in Cuba but is not one of the main languages because not enough people speak it.

Sub-Tropical is the Best (To me at least)

Would you rather be cold, hot, or warm? If you picked warm than Havana, Cuba is perfect for you!

Cuba has a beautiful sub-tropical weather which is warm and humid (So pack up lots of conditioner!) With cool summer breezes, and warm winters, Havana's weather is very mild.

You may want to pack an umbrella for June-November because Thunderstorms occur almost daily! This is also hurricane season so be careful at the eastern and western tips.

With an average of 75 degrees fahrenheit Havana, Cuba is a great place to go to a beach! So pack those bathing suits and shorts because you'll need them!

Cuba's interior is rarely 40 degrees fahrenheit or below, but it gets as hot as 100 degrees fahrenheit at the outer area so make sure you know where you booked your trip.

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