Georgia O'Keeffe

The woman who painted the land

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Georgia O' Keefe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on November 15, 1887 as the second of seven children. She later attended the Art Institute of Chicago in 1905 and the Art Students League of New York in 1906. O'Keeffe sent a handful of charcoal drawings to a friend in New York named Anna Pollitzer. Pollitzer then sent them to a gallery owner which became O'Keeffe's first art show and without her knowing. In 1924 the gallery owner, Alfred Steiglitz married O'Keeffe and they lived and worked together for the next twenty years in Lake George, New York. But something happened in 1929 that changed her life forever. Her friend Beck Strand invited her to Taos, New Mexico for a vacation and she was absolutely stunned. Every year after her trip, she visited New Mexico to paint. After her husband's death in 1946, she permanently took up residence in New Mexico to paint and sculpt flowers and bleached animal skulls until her death in 1986 in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the age of 98.

Below is a video that tells about significant details in her life that weren't mentioned in the biography above. It has information about her first art show, the scandal behind her marriage, and why she was hospitalized because of her husband.


Georgia O'Keeffe received the Medal of Freedom for her autobiography, GEORGIA O'KEEFFE in 1977 and the Medal of the Arts from President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

Contributions to Art

Her contributions to art include many things such as Feminism which is because at that time, almost all of the visual artists were males and O'Keeffe redefined and reformed gender standards. She also contributed to Regionalism by picturing the desert as a place that existed in harmony with the area and animals instead of a barren, dusty, deserted place. Two more art concepts that she contributed to was Modernism by putting her own spin on it, and Abstract Representation because she did works of art with a mixture of realism, surrealism, and slight abstractionism .

Cornelia Konrads

Cornelia Konrads is a land artist from Wuppertal, Germany and is known for creating works of art with the items in nature around her. I am comparing her to Georgia O'Keeffe because they both use the land around them in their art. Konrads also travels to different places to install her art and O'Keeffe lived in three different states, the last of which she did most of her art.