Vietnam Assignment

By: Nick Calderon and Dylan Deardurff


Throughout Into the Field the brutality is portrayed as a major problem within the war and back home in the United States. The whole chapter is about their strategies, tactics, experiences and also how they talk throughout the chapter. Plus half the day in the chapter they are wading in water.

In The things They Carried it a simple summary about how much and what they carried throughout the war whether it was mission or just a patrol around the camp. Jimmy Cross is beating himself up in the whole chapter over thinking about Martha and also letting Ted Lavender die.

Important Passages

"The things they carried were determined to some extent by superstition. Lieutenant Cross carried his good-luck pebble. Dave Jensen carried a rabbits foot. Norman Bowker...carried a thumb...(O'Brien 12). " It shows that since it got so bad they had to bring items to make them feel better or more at home during the war.

"They were tired and miserable; all they wanted now was to get finished. (O'Brien 162)." At this point Lieutenant Cross and his platoon was done with the war, had absolutely no reason why they were still in Vietnam, and lost another man to the war.

Discussion Questions

The authors are trying to convey that the war was brutal for everyone involved. The sacrifice soldiers make in general for their country is hard enough but when a war lasts 20 years it takes on a whole new level of sacrifice. The war mentally and physically messed up soldiers for life and put people in times of hardships through the war. For example in the chapter In the Field, the beginning the soldiers portray the current time as miserable, depressing, and they just want to go home. And in The Things They Carried the text explains that the soldiers carried the land literally because of the diseased the developed.

Image Analysis

The image is portraying the craziness and the dependence of one another throughout the war to get each other out alive or themselves. Shows some of the same conditions wise like clothing and combat.

Connection to Media

The video plays the song Fortunate Son and a montage of kinda the war scenes together. It explains in the song how if you had money you were able to evade this brutal war the video is portraying.
Vietnam War Montage: Fortunate Son