Rountree Report

December 10, 2015

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Can you relate?

We are so close! Only 6 more school days until break! As you know the more scheduled, engaging, and relevant you can make these days the better. Be sure to continue engaging students in focused learning experiences. Make these days count!

Rountree will not be a summer school site this summer. Our students will be attending Delaware. Summer school will now be called Explore. There will be 2 four week sessions this year. One that runs during the end of May/June and one that runs the month of July. As of right now there have been no decisions made on whether teachers can work both sessions or must only choose one. If you are interested in teaching a PYP session please let me know and I will check with Field and Boyd to see what openings they will have. Only basic details are available at this time. I do know there will be time for training, classroom prep, and some specials will be offered. There will be a maker space station for students and technology will be available. As more details emerge I will keep you informed.

I attended my first Ignite meeting prior to principal's meeting on Wednesday. The excitement is building and we will soon begin this journey. I am excited about the opportunities this will afford our students and the additional support/training you will have. More details to come soon!

Please take advantage of applying for the Imagine SPS grants. 2 teachers per week will receive $1000 each to use in their classrooms! Send your ideas of how you would reimagine your classroom to Grants will start being awarded in January.


  • If you are participating Secret Santa will be starting on Monday. We are planning to reveal on Thursday. Details will come soon.
  • Site observations -- I am requiring all classroom teachers to do a site observation visit. Coreship created a user friendly google reflection form for you to complete after your observation. This form is also nice because you can use it to upload as evidence in your growth plan under our site indicator 9.2 or any other indicator you are working on. If you don't know where to go or want suggestions I am happy to help you set up the observation. Here is the link to the google reflection form.
  • I have created a Friday Feedback form in Google. This is a form you can use to share celebrations, concerns, ask for needed support and rate the kind of week you have had. Please take a few minutes to respond (and you don't have to wait until Friday).
  • I still need several of you to schedule an observation time with me. Remember I would like to see a literacy based lesson by the end of December.
  • Don't forget to recognize your colleagues by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. It has been so wonderful reading these. What an awesome, supportive team we have at Rountree!

The week at a glance below is a live link to the ishare calendar for your convenience.

Tomorrow our Winter Reading Challenge Assembly will be at 9:30.

Monday, December 14

Secret Santa kick off

Tuesday, December 15

Nothing yet

Wednesday, December 16

Holiday Parties

2nd grade to the Nutcracker

Holiday sing 10:00

Thursday, December 17

Secret Santa reveal

Throwback Thursday

Holiday Sing 2:00 I am planning a staff Christmas dance. Be ready for more details soon! We can wear our ugly sweaters!

Friday, December 18

I will be providing you breakfast as my Christmas gift to you! Breakfast will begin at 8:30 with staff presentations beginning at 9:30. This will allow us time for conversation! The rest of the day will be yours to work as you choose. I am sure several will go to lunch together that day. Time and place TBD (You must work 7.5 hours. If you wish to come in earlier and leave sooner you are welcome to).

If You Give a Mouse an iPhone, Ann Droyd

Put down the phone!

I am guilty of not being able to be fully in each moment due to the constant demands technology provides. Don't forget to take time to put down the distractions, step away from work, and recharge over the break!
Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!