Taste of Texas Sweden

Samuel Im TX History Period 7


The Sweden flag includes 4 blue corners and a yellow cross.

Why did the swedes leave their homeland

Push Factors:

- The swedes had crop failures leading to starvation

- There was a disease spreading around killing swedes

- Men were required to join the military for 30 days each year

Where did the swedes settle

Arriving in Texas in 1836 by Baltimore and Alabama, a man named Swante M Swenson, the leader of the Sweden immigrants, proposed and soon required a plantation in Fort Bend County. Later in the 1880's, Swenson had established the SMS Ranches (SMS stands for Swante M Swenson).
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Traditions, Festivities, and Food

Homeland -

Traditions: Swedish Christmas, crayfish party, Easter, Waffles Day, and more

Festivities: National day of Sweden, All Saints' day, St. Martin's day, Advent, Lucia, and more

Food: Swedish Meatballs, Raggmunk, Toast Skagen, Kroppkakor, Cinnamon Buns, and more

Traditions, Festivities, and Food

Texas -

Texas-Swedish Tradition: Julotta

Texas Swedish Festivities: New Sweden

Texas-Swedish Food: Smorgasbord

Cinnamon Buns



Warm water

Scaled milk






Melted Butter

Ground cinnamon


Powdered sugar


Hot water

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How has the swedes affected Texas

The swedes have made Texans apart of their own traditions and they have done important things like making the SMS Ranches (Famous group of cattle ranches). Some evidence that still exists of them today are the celebrations that Texas do because of Sweden.


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