Gregory Forstner

About Bleachers

Over the summer I read a book called Bleachers by John Grisham. This book was about a town called Messina which is mainly focused on football. This sport is so important to them that on every store in town there was a banner hanging up. The town is always hoping for a new big winning streak "eighty, ninety, maybe a hundred wins in a row." (pg.71) The main characters Neely and Paul where old Spartan football players there for the coach Rake. This coach trained his players very hard. One example of this is that one of the players named Scotty died running up and down the bleachers for training. This also explains how important it is to win for the school and the town.
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I would recommend this book to almost every type of reader. Every page feels like its a new adventure
The main character Neely was a football hero when he was in school he saved the towns championship when he was in school. Soon he lost his fame and was basically just a regular kid. He wasn't very used to just being a normal kid. Neely also made a big mistake with one of his girlfriends Cameron because he dumped her for another girl called the "screamer". He was hoping that he would talk to her at the funeral and try to fix it.
The setting in this book really set the story. This is because how it showed how much everyone cared about football and how it brought out the character in the town of Messina. This contributed a lot to the plot because if the town wasn't as in to football as they are in the book then a lot would be different and some of the tragic things that'd happened like Scotty's death wouldn't have happened.
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