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April 29, 2016

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GREAT STUFF Going on In Our Schools


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Harding 1st Graders showcase talent

On Thursday April 28, students in Ms. Walsh and Mrs. Starke's first grade class showcases their talent in singing, public speaking, and poetry development.
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Harding Students win in New Jersey Math League Contest

Each year Mr. Klimchak's fifth grade math class competes in the New Jersey Math League Contest. Mrs. Griffin is pleased to announce the class winners.

1st- Louis Wood

2nd - Chloe Salfred- Ingham

3rd- Alex burns, Madelyn Dangle, Niko Du Beau, Julia Lavan, and Tom Bliss

Way to go!

Harding School students Plant Tree in honor of Earth Day

Mrs. Griffin's Gifted and Talented students planted a Red bud flowering tree in honor of Earth Day!

Thank you to Williams Nursery and Union County Shade Tree Advisory Board for an opportunity to be a part of the Arbor Day Tree Planting Program.

District teachers and staff enjoy bring your child to work day

Below are some pictures from our "bring your child to work day."

Teachers and staff across the district shared our wonderful district with their children. In some of these pictures, some staff members children participated in activities such as acting out reader's theater skits in groups of four. Jenn Donohue's boys Brenden (5th grade) and Aidan (2nd grade) in that activity. The bottom two pictures on the right also are of Mrs. Bound and Dr. Tramaglini's children reading with our Therapy Dog.

Mrs. D'Arpa and Mrs. Donough's classes celebrate Earth Day with their Tie-Dye Event

Mrs. D'Arpa's 4th grade class joined up with Mrs. Donough's 2nd graders for their Annual Earth Day Tie-Dye Event. Every year the students bring in an old t-shirt to recycle and renew into a TOTALLY GROOVY new shirt. The students worked collaboratively and celebrated by wearing their final projects on Earth Day. Mrs. D'Arpa's students also wrote Earth Day poems that they shared with their "buddies" and created Earth Day bookmarks out of recycled paper from their classroom. It was a great day celebrating our earth!

Ms. Marks students underscore rigor through hands-on activities in math

Students in Ms. Marks 5th Grade class are currently working on Algebra Patterns and Graphing. Students were given data sets and used chalk to draw line plots outside on the playground. Then, students worked collaboratively to find the average. Students also enjoyed choosing their favorite "emoji" to plot given points on our giant coordinate grid. Our grid on the floor helped students learn and practice using vocabulary terms associated with the coordinate grid.

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Title I: An Introduction

PARCC and Assessment



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