Winds, Global Winds, Local Winds


Wind is air blowing at different speeds.

Wind is caused by unequal heating of earth.

Local Winds


Local wind are winds that blow over short distances and usually happen over small areas of land.

How are they made

They are all caused by unequal heating of the earth but only on a low convection current scale are local winds made.

Sea breeze

A sea breeze happens during the day when the land is warmer than the water and the air blows from the land over the sea.

Land breeze

A land breeze happens a night when the water is warmer than the land and the air blows from the water over the land
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Global Winds


Global winds are winds that are constant and and circle the globe at specific latitude like 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 0 degrees.

How they are made

The global winds happen from the unequal heating of the earth but on a high convection current scale.


They are located in the regions of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a low pressure area where the prevailing winds are very calm. The heating of earth where the sun heats up the equator directly and it causes air to rise straight up.

Jet Streams

These are very strong air currents circling the globe several miles above the earths surface. They happen on the edges of adjacent air masses with a large difference in temperature.

Trade Winds

It blows steadily from the northeast or southeast to the equator. Blowing from the high and low pressure belts. Because of atmospheric circulation and the Coriolis effect it creates global wind patterns which include the trade winds.

Prevailing Westerlies

They Prevailing westerlies happen between 30 and 60 degrees. They happen in the high pressure of the Horse latitude. They move towards the poles and move extratropical cyclones this way.