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Weekly School Newsletter - January 17-21, 2022

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Middle & High School Newsletters

Middle School Newsletter - Issue #3

Check out what Middle School students were up to before the winter break!

High School Newsletter - Issue #3

Check out what High School students were up to before the winter break!

After-School Tutoring & Sports Updates

This week ASBGV will resume our after-school tutoring programs. Therefore, if your child is signed up for tutoring, whether they are currently online or in-person, these classes will run. Students and parents can contact the teacher directly or contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Shira Teng, at

After school sports will not resume yet. ASBGV will reassess the situation as the week progresses and inform you when these events will start taking place again. If you have any questions regarding after-school sports, please contact Mr. Paul directly at

In addition, if your child is not involved in after-school tutoring, please make sure to pick them up on time as outlined in the table below.

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Students Joining Virtually

Please don't forget that if you are joining virtually, you can still be with us every morning for our daily announcements by clicking the link below with your ASBGV email address! These announcements run from 7:45-7:55 am every morning before the start of the period 1 class.

We hope to see you there!

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Quarter 2 / Semester 1 Ends on Friday, January 21st!

On Friday, January 21st, Quarter Two and Semester One will officially end! Therefore, please make sure to submit any missing assignments, retake any tests/quizzes, and work with your teachers to end on the highest note possible!

Students and parents can check the Google Classrooms, Plus Portals, or speak to any individual teachers if you have any questions!

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Monday, January 17th - Whole School Testing Date!

ASBGV's next full testing date will be on Monday, January 17th, 2022. Please submit your ATK test results on Sunday, January 16th before coming back to school on Monday using the link below. Please don't forget to include your child's nickname!

Also, please note that the whole school will need to test again on Thursday, January 20th, and submit their results to the same link below on Wednesday evening.

In addition, if anyone does have a positive COVID result (whether or not you are learning virtual or on campus) we kindly ask that you inform the school so we can help support you.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through our school line group (@asbgv). Parents can also buy ATK kits from the school at the finance office for 200 baht.

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House Color Day on Friday!

This Friday, January 21st, we will have a house color day! On this day, represent your house color team by wearing your team shirt and uniform bottoms to school to earn points! If you do not participate in the spirit day, a normal uniform dress code must be followed.

The YELLOW TEAM is currently in the lead but it's so close! Who might take the lead after this week's house color day?

Current ASBGV House Standings

The points have shot up! Students that have done good deeds around school, have completed their community service hours, or have received a 3.75 GPA and above for Quarter 1 were awarded points, which has placed the yellow team in the lead! Keep fighting Eagles, it is still anyone's game!
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The Many Ways to Follow ASBGV!

There are many different ways to stay on top of everything that is happening at ASBGV. Take your pick from the options below!

Official Line Group

  • @asbgv


Plus Portals (for parents and students)

For more information on how to get more updates or if you need help accessing any of the above links, please see the front office for more detail!