Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Week 3

This week, we continued with the September theme: Who We Are. At circle time, we worked on identifying parts of our body, listening for our name, and saying hello to our friends. At the red (fine motor) table, we hammered nails into a foam board, built a block flower garden, and put together snap cubes. Art/sensory activities included painting butterflies, stringing beads to make bracelets, splashing around in our water table, and exploring rosemary leaves.

During P.E., we walked on a number line and played Stop/Go. We also worked on following the directions stop and go while we went on a walk around the campus. We played with trains, animals, and babies with our friends from Room 15!

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North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE)

If you have not explored the NCCSE website, I recommend checking it out-

http://www.nccse.org/family. It has some great workshops for parents as well as community resources.

Birthday Guidelines

All Solana Beach district schools have updated their Wellness guidelines. Food treats for birthdays parties will no longer be allowed.

If you wish to commemorate your child’s birthday at school, some ideas include: sharing a favorite book or game, giving stickers or pencils. This is just something to keep in mind as your child's birthday approaches.

See You On Monday!