The New Deal

How FDR Changed American Government

Franklin Roosevelt took office right after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, which was closely followed by the Great Depression. Roosevelt worked hard to create programs not only to help build the country back up, but also help individuals trying to gain a new start.

Civilian Conservation Corps

In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, also known as “Roosevelt’s Tree Army”. The program was designed to create jobs during a time when unemployment was high. Not only did the CCC create jobs and promote environmental conservation it built many parks, structures, and public places. Within ten years the CCC planted approximately three billion trees and built eight-hundred parks. Around three million men worked in the CCC by 1941.

Rural Electrification Administation

On May 11, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 7037, creating the Rural Electrification Administration, REA. The REA was established to help bring electricity and phone lines to the country side. Many farms and houses were now able to afford to have lighting and a telephone at their locations. Roosevelt gave permission for the REA to begin administering loans to local governments, farm bureaus, and non-profit organizations.The REA provided ninety- eight percent of all farms in the US with electricity by the early 1970's.