Killing of Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla Killed in National Park

Mountain Gorillas becoming endangered

With only around 800 of them left in the world they have become greatly protected. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, where half the world’s highly endangered Mountain Gorillas live in its jungles. Mizaon a gorilla of the Habinyanja family was found dead on June 17th 2011. Three poachers said they were hunting small antilope accidently speared the small gorilla. When a poacher kills a gorilla they are only fined a small amount of money about 18 to 37 american dollars. This means The Ugandan government has seen this as not a big problem and not something they should waste money and energy on.

Location: Continent Africa, Country Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Coordinates 1.0500° S, 29.7167° E.

Place: Dense Jungle, Lots of different animals. Officers with guns protecting the gorillas watching for poachers. Tour guides bringing people in to see the gorillas in there natural environment.

HEI: Poachers have killed thousands of mountain gorillas making them an endangered species. They also kill them for food, clothes and tools. The gorillas skin is used for clothes, the fur is used for clothes as well the skin but used for warmer clothes. The bones are used for tools like knives, sculpting tools and other things.

My opinion: I think this killing of endangered animals is a crime and should be dealt with more affectively buy when someone is caught killing a mountain gorilla they should be arrested instead of just fined. This in a major problem and should have a serious punishment

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