Get to know me

Collin Flanagan Hour:2


My interests are basketball, hunting, fishing, and being with my friends.

Favorite movie

My favorite movie would have to be Coach Carter because it teaches you a lot of things thorough out the story, but it is in the form of a sports movie which keeps me interested.

Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is basketball. it was not always my favorite though at first my passion was football but i was not very good and got frustrated a lot with it.


In my family on my moms side it is my step dad Bryce, my mom Rikki, and my sister Addison. On my dads side it is my dad Pat, step mom Brenda, brother Dylan, step brother Grant, and step sister Courtney.

Favorite Food

My favorite food is steak because it does not get much better.

Favorite thing on T.V.

My favorite show to watch on t.v. is the NFL, or when March comes around the NCAA tournament.

Favorite Subject In School

My favorite subject in school is science. I don't really like school but science is the easiest course for me so it is my favorite.

Best Trip

The best trip i have ever been on is when my dad and i went to a Wisconsin Badgers Football game when they beat Ohio State and everyone go to storm the field.


I don't like to talk in front of a lot of people. I also don''t to go to big city's a lot because there are a ton of people and just not a lot of things that i like to do in the city.

Favorite Season

I like Fall because that is when Football, Basketball, and hunting all start.