No Oil Rigs!

Reasons To Be Against One On Land:

  • Takes up to much space
  • Pollutes the air
  • Takes money away from other things that are needed
  • Isn't something people want to look at
  • The smell is bad for humans to inhale
  • Possibility for it to have an explosion

Reasons To Be Against One In The Ocean:

  • Takes up to much space
  • Possibility for an oil spill
  • Possibility for an explosion
  • A tiny leak could pollute the water and kill aquatic wildlife
  • Not something people would want to look at when at the beach
  • Not something you would want tourist to see on vacation
  • Could possibly sink into the water
Hi-Def Photos of Oil Rig Explosion

No need to rest, it's time to protest!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 9pm



Everyone who see' this, meet at the site of the new oil rig, with a sign of protest! Only come if you are against it! Help save our environment and stop the building of the new oil rig. It is time we take a stand as a whole and give them our thoughts! Who's in?

5 things you need to know about oil spills:

  1. The owners of the oil company actually MAKE money off of the spill.
  2. Government moratoriums won't reduce the risk of oil spills.
  3. The BP oil spill killed 100,000 animals in the Gulf.
  4. Nobody can predict how bad the damage will be.
  5. The clean-up process is very hard.