Learning Coach Corner

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In This Issue:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Learning Coach Academy (LCA)
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  • How To Slides and Smores
  • School Calendar
  • Events for You
  • Tips & Tricks

Q&A Sessions

Throughout the school year, we will be holding weekly Q&A sessions for you. These sessions are held in Newrow and will show up in your Learning Coach account. Simply click on the session to enter. They are optional and you may attend as few or as many as you would like.

Elementary Learning Coach sessions will be at 4:00 on Mondays.

Middle and High School Learning Coach sessions will be at 4:00 on Tuesdays.

These sessions will be open for an hour and you are free to drop in at any time during that hour.

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Learning Coach Academy (LCA)

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Join us as we learn the ins and outs of the Learning Coach account, how to use the K12 app, and valuable tips and tricks for having a successful school year. Sessions began September 16th and are being held every Thursday at 3:00 (Elementary) and 4:00 (Middle/High School). If you are unable to attend sessions live, recordings will be available for you to watch.

You will receive a certificate for each Level you complete. Complete all three levels and you will receive a certificate and gift 😊.

Click Here for more information about LCA

You can find links to the recordings here



Click Here for frequently asked questions regarding Elementary students

Middle and high school

Click Here for frequently asked questions regarding Middle and High School students


How-To Slides and Smores

School Calendar

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Events For You

Students shouldn't be the only ones having social activities! Keep an eye on the Learning Coach Corner for events just for you. If you have ideas for events you would like to see on the schedule, please reach out to Tiffany Folsom at tfolsom@oregonva.org and share your ideas!

Coming next month: 5K Turkey Trot! Register using the link below.

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Tips & Tricks

It may seem difficult at times to maintain a consistent approach to managing your student's education outside of a typical brick and mortar classroom, but you can do it! Here are some tips to establishing and maintaining expectations.

Help your student get started

Try sitting with your student while they start on their classes or lessons and remove distractions (electronics, toys, etc.). Once your student is actively working, walk away to establish more independence and personal responsibility.

Make sure your student is attending all of their required classes

Print out a weekly schedule from your student's or your Learning Coach account and keep it displayed where it is easily seen. Use an alarm clock to ensure your student is waking up and getting ready in time to attend their first class in the mornings. Attending the required live sessions will help your student feel more a part of their class and help them stay engaged. It is also required for their attendance.

Allow your student to know that you are tracking their attendance and checking their progress

Accountability is key! Most people are more successful when they know someone is holding them accountable.

Help your student set priorities and then stick to them

Examples can be:

  • School work first and then video games, TV, play time, etc.
  • Eating a good breakfast before the school day begins
  • Immediately contacting teacher/advisor when school work becomes a struggle
  • Checking emails multiple times a day
  • Returning voice mails and texts as soon as possible
  • Notifying teacher(s) when classes are missed, watch the recordings, and email teacher summary in a timely manner

Have scheduled break times

Students need time to step away from their screen, stretch, and recharge. Having scheduled break times can help your student have a more productive day.

Have a reward/incentive program

Examples can be:

  • Fun breaks after each class and completed lesson/assignment
  • Allotted amount of time on electronic devices (video games, tablets, TV, etc.) after all classes have been attended and all lessons/assignments have been completed for the day
  • Weekly reward for good attendance and progress throughout the whole week (trip to park, bowling, movie night, play dates, etc.)
  • Monthly, quarterly, and semester rewards for good attendance and progress/grades (party, cash, new game/book, special outing, etc.

Keep in mind that rewards and incentives will only be effective if they are genuinely earned and always given when earned 😊.

Have clearly laid out consequences for negative behavior

Let your student know exactly what will happen if they do not comply with expectations. Perhaps they will temporarily lose an electronic devise or have some other restriction. You know your student best! Be sure to follow through with those consequences. Remember, consistency is very important!

Listen to your student

Allow your student to be honest about how they feel about their school/school work. If they are struggling and/or are not happy with how things are going, trouble shoot together and reach out to your student's advisor for additional support. Encourage your student to be a part of coming up with a solution.

Tiffany Folsom, Community Engagement Specialist