Registered Nurses

Alexis Jacak

What Nurses do:

Registered nurses provide patients and their families with expert health care, support, assistance, and information. They manage the care of individual patients in both medical and non-medical settings, consulting with attending physicians, other nurses, therapists, and patients and their families. Nurses also keep very detailed records on their patients. In addition to giving direct care, registered nurses guide and supervise other nursing and support personnel. They also promote good health habits by educating people about disease prevention, physical fitness, nutrition, coping with stress, and other health-related topics.

How much do Nurses make?

The typical salaries range from $45,040 to $94,720 per year.

An individual employee's position within this salary range is affected by the following factors:
* the business size, type, and location
* the employee's education and experience

Most employers offer standard fringe benefits such as paid vacation and sick leave, health insurance, and retirement plans.

Over the next 10 years, job openings in this occupation are projected to increase by at least 27%.

Qualities you need to be a Nurse:

  • You have to be social person because when you are treating a person, they may be worried about something and you have to talk to them and tell he/she that everything will be okay and not to be scared.
  • A Nurse also has to be mentally smart. They have to know which kind of drugs will help the patient and which ones will not. Also if the patient is allergic to the kind of drug, he/she could die or get even more sick.