Save King Kong!

July 3-July 23 from 10am-10pm


Attend the Carnival on July 3-July 23 from 10am-10pm. There is games, rides, food, prizes, and a concert by Maroon 5.

The fee to enter is:





Tickets For Rides

1 ticket = $0.50

2 tickets = $0.75

5 tickets = $2.00

10 tickets = $3.50

20 tickets = $6.50

50 tickets = $15.00

You can also come to the Gala! It will be the day after the carnival (July 24th).

At the end of the Gala we will be anouncing how much mony we made for the gorillas. There will also be food, entertainment and more.

$200 a ticket

Cick for more info.

If they don't have the money then.....

These Gorillas are quickly dying of Ebola. They need to be Cured. These animals are critically endangered. Down below are three western lowland gorillas. Without your help they have a high chance they will die. For facts and more on the gorillas Click Here

Guaranteed to help all Western Lowland Gorillas!

Common questions

Does all the money go straight to the gorillas? Yes, we send the money straight to the animal care center and they will use it to help the gorillas.

Do you keep any of the money? No, this is made up of volunteers and all money goes towards helping the gorillas.

Instead of coming to these can we just donate money? Yes, you do not have to buy a ticket for the Gala or buy tickets for the carnival to help raise money. You can donate money by using paypal.

Have other questions? Email us at