By:Tyler Carlson

Typing Web

I like typing web because of the way it teaches me to be a better typer. But, typing is really boring and I could careless about bheingn a good typing . Thats why they made a backspace. Anyway the only thing cool about this site is that is has some games.


Itrailer was a fun project to work on with your creativity,also your wildest imaginations can be set free with only using Itrailer. Even though it might take a while to make the Itrailer it was still fun and to do it on anything was even better.
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Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was okay because of its good presentation app. But I didn't really like it because the background is weird and it has a lot of glitches. The app was very comforitable to work with besides the glitches. I was not a fan of it.
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Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a boring app that I was in no way having the littlest bit of the app. It was very small uncomoritable presentation and deleted my work at least twice and didnt save copies. Even though the asignment was only to do a couple of sentances i didnt like reduing it over and over.
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Go Animate

Go Animate was a very fun was to create my presentation about two truths and a lie. I felt very free and comfortable with Go Animate. This site was very fun and was cool to see other peoples animations.
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Career Locker

Career Locker was kind of fun with its fun quizes to find your dream jobs. And also kind of fun to learn about more adult things in the future. And was cool to know where collages are and the cost of the collages. It made me feel that education and career is very important.
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