Amazing Facts

Leve Michaely and Shir Hakmon

The Titan Arum

The Titan Arum is special because it is the smelliest and the biggest flower.


The Axototl is special because when it loses a leg or part of its brain, it grows a new one. It can live on land ot in water.

The Water Bear

the water bear is special because it can sleep for 100 years.
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It's Raining!

Did you know it can rain animal?

yes,its true in many countries around the world its rains fish ,bats, frogs, snakes and even small alligators.

so next time it rains, put your umbrella upside down -maybe you can catch some fish for dinner!

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The Hippo

did you know the hippo can run faster than you?

did you know the hippo drink 250 liters of water every day?

yes it's true, and it spends the whole day in the water, they play, fight and have babies in the water. it's amazing!

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