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OVCA strives to be intentional about our communications with families.

Please use this guide to connect with OVCA Administration.

Want to connect with other OVCA families? You can:

  1. Contact your Community Family Advisor (CFA).
  2. Engage in the LC Facebook group: OVCA K-12 Learning Coach Connection.
  3. Engage in and Explore the LC Community in the K12 App

Elementary School

Principal - Grades K-2

Karin Campbell

Email: kcampbell@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2016

Principal - Grades 3-5

Heather Miles

Email: HMiles@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3296

Lead Teacher: Kdg - 2nd

Jessica Bryant

Email: jbryant@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2143

Lead Teacher: 3rd - 5th

Katy McLain

Email: kmclain@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3138

Middle School


Erin Goodridge

Email: egoodridge@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2111

Assistant Principal

Debbie McWhirt

Email: demcwhirt@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3149

Lead Teacher:

Britani Joines

Email: bjoines@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3252

High School


LeAn Sanders

Email: lesanders@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext

Lead Teacher:

Vanessa Bryant

Email: vbryant@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2010

Engagement Specialist - 9th

Evan Warren

Email: evawarren@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3304

Engagement Specialist - 10th

Sara Houchin

Email: shouchin@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext

Engagement Specialist - 11th

Amber Knoll

Email: amknoll@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3136

Engagement Specialist - 12th

Pat Sanders

Email: psanders@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2096

College & Career Readiness Coordinator

Katie McAskill

Email: kamcaskill@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3011

Student Support Team

Student Support Administrator

Cady Looper

Email: clooper@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2027

Lead Community Family Advisor (CFA)

Shauna Irvin

Email: sirvin@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2052

Community Engagement Specialist (CES)

Amy Sisco

Email: asisco@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3298

Student Family Resource Coordinator

Raeshelle Sharpnack

Email: rsharpnack@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2140

Student Family Resource Coordinator

Kaylynn Watts

Email: kwatts@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext

Community Family Advisors (CFAs) are regionally-based.

Need to locate your CFA? Contact Cady Looper.



Hailey Thomas

Email: hthomas@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3122


April White

Email: awhite@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 2123


Jenn Preston

Email: jpreston@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3117

Counselor - Elementary School

Amanda Coyle

Email: amcoyle@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3077

Counselor - Middle School

Leah Allen

Email: lallen@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3196

OVCA Staff

Flex Coordinator - Elementary School

Erin Giles

Email: egiles@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3186

Flex Coordinator - Middle School

Nancy Johnson

Email: njohnson@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3306

Oklahoma Standards Specialist

Barbie Sloan

Email: bsloan@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext 3218

Tutoring Manager

Shereta Sweet

Email: ssweet@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext

Speech Pathologist

Kelsey Case

Email: kcase@okvirtual.org

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext

OVCA Administration

Mrs. Plummer, Head of School

Audra Plummer has served as Head of School at OVCA since 2019. Previously, she served four years as Deputy Head of Schools. Audra was part of the first team of educators who brought K12 powered schools to Oklahoma. She has served as classroom teacher, lead teacher, and elementary principal in the virtual setting. She has 25 years of experience in brick and mortar and online education. She began her career as a classroom teacher serving Norman Public Schools. She earned her BS in Elementary Education in 1994 and a master’s degree in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum in 2000. Both degrees are from the University of Oklahoma. In 2004, she obtained National Board Certification. Audra is also involved with the Oklahoma Writing Project. Oklahoma Writing Project is part of the National Writing Project. This network of educators strive to increase literacy by equipping teachers with strategies and research to better serve students.

Email: mailto:APlummer@okvirtual.org

Ms. Sanders, High School Principal

LeAn Sanders is the Principal at OVCA. She worked at OVCA for three years and then helped with the start up of ISOK and was there for three years. She returned in 2021 back to OVCA and began working as the Vice Principal. She has been in the field of education for approximately sixteen years. She was a teacher for the deaf, a special education teacher, biology teacher, school counselor and now a Vice Principal.

LeAn earned her BS degree from Tulsa University in Deaf Education, she went on to get her Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and her PhD in psychology from Capella University. She also is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been a LPC for the past sixteen years. LeAn has worked in several fields, which she says has helped her in her present field of education.

Email: lesanders@okvirtual.org

Mrs. Goodridge, Middle School Principal

Erin Goodridge graduated from Lebanon Valley College in 2001 with a B.S. in Music Education and a B.A. in Music. She also earned her Master of Music Education degree in 2016 from her alma mater. She started at OVCA as middle school music and art teacher in 2014 and moved to Assistant Principal in July 2019. After filling in as interim in Spring of 2020, she became Principal at OVCA Middle School in May. Erin resides in Tulsa with her husband, Ted, and their three children, Madison (6), Mason (5), and Evelyn (3). This is her 7th year with OVCA, and she plans to pursue a master’s degree in educational leadership. When she isn’t performing her principal duties, you will most likely find her teaching and practicing piano, reading a good book, or watching science fiction!

Email: EGoodridge@okvirtual.org

Mrs. Campbell, Elementary School Principal for K-2

Karin Campbell has been with OVCA since 2012. She has been a homeroom teacher, interventionist, lead teacher, and is currently the elementary Assistant Principal. She is married with two daughters and two dogs. She loves to go camping, read, and travel in her spare time.

Email: kcampbell@okvirtual.org

Mrs. Miles, Elementary School Principal for 3-5

Heather Miles is the Elementary Principal for Grades 3-5 at OVCA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. She taught third and fourth grade in brick and mortar before making the transition to OVCA. In her eight years with K12, she has served as a MS Language Arts teacher, MS PE teacher, MS lead teacher, School Data & Accountability Manager, and spent a year with the K12 Data Team. Her certifications include Elementary Education, Mid-Level English, PE, and Elementary Principal.

Email: hmiles@okvirtual.org

Mrs. Looper, Student Support Administrator

Cady Looper is the Student Support Administrator for OVCA. Cady graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2004 with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. She has spent over 17 years working in education. She joined Stride/K12 in 2010 and taught elementary for 5 years before transitioning to lead the Student Support Services team (made up of CFAs) in 2015. Outside of work, Cady loves golf cart rides with her little family, days at the lake or by the pool and trips to the mountains in Colorado.

The SSS team mission is: Empowering, supporting and inspiring OVCA students to connect, grow and achieve academically and in life.

Email: CLooper@okvirtual.org

K12 Help Desk

Customer Care: 866.512.2273

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