Chaparral High School

Virtual Course Selection Showcase

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Welcome Future Pumas to the 2021 CHS Showcase!

Here you will find information on courses you can take next school year and get to know some of the teachers in those programs.

Suggestions when navigating Virtual Showcase:

1. Use the Navigation Slides to find the department/programs you would like to check out!

2. Most all Departments and Programs have a link to an external site.

  • These should be viewable by anyone.

3. If you don't see a link, reach out to the department or one of our amazing counselors to find out more information.

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Chaparral High School Clubs Listing

CHS Clubs are a fun way to connect with other Pumas! Check out what our CHS Clubs have to offer. Remember, if the club you are looking for isn't there its because we are waiting for YOU to create it!

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