Right to life, or right to kill?

National Right To Life

This organization is founded on the morals of the right to live. Whether you are an elderly man, a disabled woman or an unborn fetus they believe you have a right to live and prosper accordingly. The areas of concern they focus on are Abortion, infanticide, Euthanasia, Assisted suicide and stem cell research. This group believes that life begins at conception. When a child is conceived they obtain the right to live a normal life.

NARAL; Pro Choice

Pro Choice is defined as protection of a womans access to safe, legal abortion. Also it means improving access to birth control and supporting women who carry their pregnancy to term. This group allows women the choice to kill their unborn child before it even has a chance to live. They allow a choice for all women, no matter the circumstance.

Final Opinion.

If and only if a woman is unable to survive the pregnancy should Abortion be legal. If a woman is raped, and she falls pregnant that is not the child's fault that is the man who raped the woman's fault. The child should not be punished but rather carried to term and given up for adoption. Abortion should always be a last case scenario in which it is threatening to the child or the mother to continue with the pregnancy. When you abort, it is not stripping away the title of mother it is making you the mother of a dead child. It is a sick world we live in in which a child can be alive with a beating heart for 21 weeks and still be aborted. The child is nearly to term and woman can still abort because they didn't choose to be pregnant. Well the child did not choose to be conceived so what gives a mother a right to strip life away because they don't want a child?