Endangered Animals of North America

Save The Red Fox!


Physical Traits

  • male weight: 6 - 7 kg, female weight = 5 - 6 kg (ARK)
  • female head to body length = 62 - 67 cm, male head to body length = 67 - 72 cm (ARK)
  • tail length = 40 cm (ARK)
  • fur is tawny red with gray and black touches, lower limbs and back of ears are usually black (ARK)
  • tail usually has white tip (ARK)


  • live in swamps, forests, bushlands, and wetlands, also live in tundras, deserts, forests (ARK)
  • some live in city centrals (ex. London, Paris, Stockholm) (RL)
  • natural habitat is dry and mixed landscape (RL)
  • flourished particularly well in urban areas (RL)


  • omnivore (RL)
  • eats rabbits, birds, and other small game (RL)
  • can eat fruit, vegetables, fish, frogs, worms, garbage, and pet food (RL)
  • preys on deer, raccoons, and other mammals (RL)


  • leaves scents behind on trees to communicate with others (ex. urinating) (ARK)
  • uses tail as a signal flag (ARK)
  • sharp claws to kill prey and dig into the ground to hide their food (RL)
  • sharp teeth to tear apart their food (RL)
  • vomits to run faster (ARK)

Critical Information

  • least concerned (ARK)
  • the red fox's population is stable (ARK)
  • you can donate to many charities to help save the red fox

Reasons for endangerment and conservation efforts


  • main threats = habitat degradation, exploitation, persecution (RL)
  • road accidents and shootings (ARK)

Conservation Efforts

  • unprotected because widely regarded as a pest (RL)
  • restrictions on capturing methods in many states (RL)
  • closed seasons against hunting in Britain (RL)
  • no conservation measures in place (ARK)

Scream of the red fox