Mrs. Brown's Poetry Page

Poems by students in B3 English

Students in Mrs. Brown's English classes have been studying poetry. This newsletter represents the work they have completed as they wrote their own poems.

Two Worlds by Alana Moore

Each person has two sides to them

The dark side and the happy side

The dark side you want to hide

While the happy side you want to display

To show you're not in dismay

No matter what people say

You know that at the end of the day

That you live life your way

You live life day by day

Even when it's grey

You know in a way

If you chose not to hide away

Good things will come your way

And if you chose to stay

It will never go away

Even on rainy days

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As Time Passes By By Austin Dobbins

Many people will come and go,

Much like the beauty of a winter snow.

Like sunshine falling on the trees,

And autumn leaves blowing through the breeze.

Like springtime flowers blooming through the rocks,

And a lake in the summer splashing on the docks.

Many people will come and go,

And from them we will learn and grow.

With the passing of time we make new friends,

And many will leave before our ends.

As they get close and you are all amused,

Many discover they had just been used.

Some people are mad,

And many are sad

But because of these people you don’t need to cry,

For we will all make true friends as time passes by.

Private Beach by Haleigh Arledge

The beach is a wonderful, hot, tropical place.

White sand, blue oceans, green palm trees.

You get in the ocean, as the cold water splashes on your body you feel goose bumps form.

The taste of the salt water in your mouth, as is splashes upon your skin.

A place to get away and relax from the stress of the world.

The wind blowing as you get out of the water, the cool air wraps around you.

The hot sun steaming on the water on your body, drying the water.

The warmth of the sand between your toes.

As the wind blow you get a whiff of the salt in the ocean.

As you lay on the beach you hear the waves crashing on the shore.

You hear the waves being made off in this distance, the roaring sound.

Relaxing on the beach feeling stress free, not a worry in the world.

Much like the beach, music gives me the same peace and serenity.

Music blocks out everything from the world.

The beach is you and you only.

Music brings me much peace as much as the beach.

Nothings better than blocking out the world then being at the beach.

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Cut by Gerald Darnell

The swish and sway of leaves,

Unnoticed in the car

where Young Thug and Future rule the aux,

The cut road taking another turn

Dry ridge and old railroad

Hitting cut 5 deep it’s a load

Hill after hill on repeat,

EVOL and Khalifa up next

Purple reign for the pain,

Each cut a risk

We don’t care though

Oh you put on meek?

Yeah we care, no.

Dark seas we the new Rockefellers

Stop sign coming ahead,

So we gone

Darion Heath

As I reach the top all I can see is clouds

All I see around is white

Feels like I'm on a kite

As I reach the top the moon and the stars

Are up top when I reach it with my feet and hands

I catch a glimpse

I see the sun as it starts to go down

All alone you realize that life is lived day by day

Its not about how many breaths you take its about the moment

That takes your breath away

And the life you live because you don’t know when its gunna end

Because it all depends

When the end is on it way you have to brace for it and pray

Because today is a new day and tomorrow nothing

Will ever be the same

Because no body can always stay saine

Reflect by Drew Dahlman

Trees reflecting on water during a sunny afternoon,

I can taste the mountain air,

Fish in the water everywhere,

I can hear the birds calling,

CAtch me at my house balling,

Smelling all these mountains

All this lake needs is a fountain.

The water looks dirty

I wouldn’t go swimming in there

Theres some grass growing on the water

But it looks cool

Id rather swim in a clean pool

The grass is very bright

The sun is shining light

I need a bike

The birds stop calling at night

Reflecting back on life

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Brittany Drake

Life is Changing

Its Moving

And I am growing

I'm not who I used to be

Just like the leaves

Well fall

Sadness surrounds me

Darkness over whelms

Weakness over comes

But I will Flourish

It'll be Glorious

I just need to see you once

So we can get back to us