Tourette syndrome

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The reason why I chose to do my project on Tourette syndrome is because the christian singer Jamie Grace she has the disorder. I want to learn more about the disorder and why it does the things it does. I think if people come more educated about it maybe one day they will find a cure for it.

Definition of Tourette Syndrome.

Tourette syndrome is a neurological characterized by involuntary and vocalizations and often the compulsive utterance of obscenities. People who has this disorder they have movements in the muscles, like blinking, head shaking, jerking in the arms, and shrugging. The disorder usually happens anywhere in the body.
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Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome

The main symptom is tics. They are really not that noticeable, because they are so mild. Others happen often and are obvious. Stress, excitement, being sick or tired can make them worse. The more severe ones can be embarrassing and can effect your social life or work.
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Cause Of Tourette Syndrome

Tourette has been to different parts of the brain including an area called the basal ganglia, it helps control body movements. Differences there may affect nerve cells and the chemicals that carry messages between them. People who been researching think the trouble in this brain network may play a role in Tourette's. Doctors really don't know exactly what causes theses problems in the brain but genes play a role. It's mostly likely that there is more than one cause.

How Tourette Syndrome is inherited.

Tourette syndrome is not sex linked, because, it could be passed on from anyone, and anyone can receive the disease. Tourette syndrome is a dominant pattern because of the inheritance, one mutated copy of the gene in each cell would be sufficient to cause the condition. The disorder mostly happens in the brain and all through the body

How Tourette syndrome is Treated.

The disorder does not often cause impairment. The majority of people with Tourette syndrome require no medication for tic suppression, but effective medications are available for those whose symptoms interfere with functioning. Neuroleptics are the most consistently useful medications for tic suppression, a number are available but some are more effective than others. There is no cure for Tourette syndrome.

How the Tourette Syndrome is Diagnosed

Tourette Syndrome is a diagnosis that doctors make, the patient has had both motor and vocal tics for at least a year. There is no tests done for this disorder, unless they see the history of symptoms in Tourette syndrome. To be diagnosed with this disorder is that you will have several different types of tics, like multiple motor tics and at least one vocal tic. For example blinking, shrugging and etc.
Tourette's Syndrome

How many and what type of people are likely to have Tourette syndrome.

It is not known exactly how many people have TS. TS diagnosis is mostly likely among Hispanic White people than among Hispanic and non-Hispanic Black people.

  • A diagnosis of TS is as common among children 12 to 17 years of age. Tourette syndrome has nothing to do in the location. This disorder occurs in populations and ethnic groups worldwide, and it is more in males than in females.
  • What new information I learned from TS.

    I learned from TS that I didn't know that you have symptoms, I thought they just happen without you knowing it. I didn't know that there isn't a treatment for this disorder hopefully one day they will find a treatment for Tourette Syndrome. I mostly knew what this disorder was,I learned more while I was doing this research.
    Living with Tourette Syndrome