Friday Focus


Stakeholder Survey Feedback

As you may recall, we surveyed our staff, students, and parents for AdvancEd to allow each stakeholder group to weigh in on each of the AdvancEd standards to help us identify strengths and relative weaknesses. The PD Team spent time analyzing the results and here are the overall findings from each survey:

Staff survey:

Strengths- 1. Staff (Leadership, Teachers, Support Staff, Custodians) 2. Facilities 3. Staff members hold all students to high academic standards Weaknesses-1. Consistent grading and report cards 2. New hire training 3. purpose and vision statement

Parent Survey:

Strengths - 1. Staff 2. Communication 3. Facilities Weaknesses - 1. Communication 2. High Ability Program/Differentiation 3. Standardized Testing/Curriculum

Student Survey:

K-2 Strengths - 1. My teachers want me to learn and do my best. 2. I feel safe at school. 3. We have books.

K-2 Weaknesses - 1. Other teachers know me. 2. I know what to do each day. 3. My family likes to come to school.

3-5 Strengths 1. My principal and teacher want me to learn and do my best. 2. My principal and teachers help me to be ready for the next grade. 3. My school has computers to help me learn.

3-5 Weaknesses 1.My principal and teachers ask me what I think about school. 2. My teachers ask my family to come to school activities. 3. In my school students treat adults with respect.

These results are being triangulated with the results of the self-assessment and the student performance data to develop school improvement goals.

A few updates

  • Please welcome Amanda Pereda who will begin on Wednesday as Brittany's full-time replacement as a special education IA with Kathryn Sullivan (as Brittany will be returning in a part-time capacity in the Essentiail Skills room after her leave).
  • 7 school days until all of our plans/diagnostics are due to AdvancEd!!! We're close to finishing up. I can't tell you how much I miss being in your classrooms and out and around the building right now! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I should be back to business as usual as soon as this documentation is complete. Please know that if you need me, my door is always open. You just won't see me out much for one more week.
  • Teachers- any GAPs (for the teachers where I am the primary evaluator) that needed revision as due back ASAP please.
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Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

This time of year, we tend to talk about how ready the students are for break (how wacky the behavior is, etc.). As my [principal] dad always reminded me, "You find what you're looking for." Here's to looking for those daily positives as we head into winter break! You rock!

Looking for Monday inspiration? Follow the #CelebrateMonday hashtag on Twitter! Lots of educators just like you are working to start the week off on the right foot together. Just type "#CelebrateMonday" after clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Twitter page.

In The Know...

Upcoming Events:

  • 12/15: 8am Combined Leadership & PD Team meeting in library
  • 12/16: ER: Writing
  • 12/17: 9:30am Holiday Choral Concert [DELAY SCHEDULE TODAY] and 7pm evening performance
  • 12/18: Data Team meetings
  • 12/21 (K-2) and 12/22 (3-5) Holiday parties from 2:45-3:30. Please be sure to let parents know that if they are planning on taking their child or any siblings home at dismissal, the office must know prior to the start of the party. No exceptions can be made for the safety of our students.
  • 12/22: Staff Christmas Breakfast in LGI

3rd grade Gingerbread Communities


  • Happy birthday tomorrow to Cambi and to Kellie I. and Brittany S. both on 12/18!
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A Big Superstar goes to...

  • all who have participating in adopting a family for Christmas Angels. I appreciate your caring hearts!
  • Heather Gant who traveled to St. Louis for the Lucy Calkins conference last week on Writing Units of Study.
  • Don't forget, you can nominate a colleague for Superstar recognition in the Friday Focus, or you can share good news so that we can share in your joy as well!