Alice Walter


When She Was Born

  • Born on February 9th 1944
  • She was born in Eatonton Georgia

Her Family

  • She was the youngest of her eight siblings
  • Her mother helped as a maid to make money to support her eight kids
  • Her mother also helped take in children whose family couldn't take care of them
  • Her dad was very good at math, but not so good at farming

Her Education

  • She attended Spelman College in Atlanta
  • She transferred to Sarah Lawrence Collage and graduated in 1965
  • She attended a segregated school

Her Jobs

  • She wrote poetry
  • Her first collection was published in 1965
  • Social worker
  • Black feminist movement

Some Interesting Facts About Her

  • She is one of the most admired African American writer working today
  • She was shot in the right eye with a pellet gun playing with her brothers when she was eight
  • She has been writing for 4 decades

Some Of Her Awards & Recognition

  • She wrote her first Pulitzer Prize-winning novel
  • She received 11 Academy Award Nominations

About Her Now

  • She lives in San Francisco
  • She is 69 years old

Her Favorite Quote

  • Her favorite quote is actually one she wrote
  • for in the end, freedom is a personal and lovely battle and one faces down fears of today so that those of tomorrow might be engaged

Other Information About her

  • In 1965 she graduated collage and also published her book in the same year
  • She has one daughter
  • Married in 1967
  • She also got divorced
  • Her middle name is Malsenior

Alice Walker

Wednesday, Feb. 9th 1944 at 12am

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She was born

Alice Walker

Thursday, Feb. 4th 1965 at 12am

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She graduated from collage and she wrote her first book