Simple Carbohydrates

by: Chris Samaniego

What are simple carbs?

Simple carbohydrates are mainly simple sugars, that are broken down quickly by your body, and used for energy.

Too much or too little?

When your body doesn't take in the amount of simple carbs that it needs it will eventually start to break down stored fat, and use that as energy. This will cause you to experience headaches, nausea, and you'll have a hard time focusing. Fiber is an example of a simple carb, and when you don't get enough fiber it can cause constipation.

Eating too much simple carbs can cause a spike in blood glucose levels in your body. When your body produces more glucose than it needs, all of that extra glucose is turned into stored fat, which ultimately will lead to you not quit being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans.. Another effect of taking in too much simple carbs particularly sugars, is tooth decay. Sugars react with the bacteria and the saliva in your mouth which can cause the breakdown of your enamel, which is the outer coating of your teeth. Eating too much simple carbs will leave you feeling sluggish and tired at the end of the day.

Some major sources

5 facts about simple carbs!

  1. Carbs are found in every living thing!
  2. Carbs come in 2 forms; complex and simple!
  3. Soda is the leading source of adding sugar in the diet of young americans!
  4. When resting, people use about 50% if their energy from carbs!
  5. Consumption of high fructose corn syrup has increased by 10,673% between 1978 and 2003!


Candy is a form of simple carbs

Apples contain fiber, which is a simple sugar

Resting people get 50% of their energy from carbs

Being tired could mean you had too many simple carbs!

Simply too much sugar is bad for you.