Laws of the Body


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The Law of Nourishment

One of the 4 Laws of the body, as described by Dr. Thurman Fleet, is the Law of Nourishment. Every living organism known to man requires some form of nourishment in order for it to survive. Of course, we also know that an organism will require OPTIMAL nourishment if it intends to go beyond mere sustenance and enter "Thrivelyhood" (the state of thriving). In the book Rays of the Dawn, Dr. Fleet uses the development of a plant as an analogy to help deepen our understanding of this Law, "When a plant is grown in a soil and climate conductive to its well-being, Nature produces the finest specimen known. On the other hand, if a plant is grown in impoverished, devitalized soil, it adapts to that environment, becoming a degenerate specimen."

So, now that we've heard about the plant species, how do we humans break the mold of mediocrity and best abide to the Law of Nourishment so we can grow and live Optimally??

1) EAT REAL FOOD. We as a nation have begun to accept "food like substances" in replacement for what used to be real food. Most of U.S. crops are now genetically engineered and modified. Our cows are treated with anti-biotics and growth hormone. Chickens are locked in disease infested dark houses. Most of the fish you will see in a grocery store is now farm raised and fed corn which is also genetically modified. Nearly everything is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Foods are processed and filled with preservatives to the point that it "stays fresh" for years ... Come on, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE RIDICULOUSNESS PEOPLE!! Industrializing the food industry has been one of the top reasons that the quality of health in America has been at a steady decline. Producing mass amounts of low quality food has produced mass amounts of massive people. Stop the madness. Eat real food and demand real food. If you wish to learn more about the industrialization of our food, there are plenty of awesome documentaries regarding this topic. A couple of our favorites are Food Matters and Food Inc. They give great insights not just about the food we eat but also sustainability in the environment and the soil that we grow our food in.

2) Be Well Adjusted!! A properly functioning nerve system is key to how your body handles digestive functions. There are areas of your spine where nerves exit that are directly related to the organs that are responsible for digestion. When you are subluxated (have tension in your spinal system) your brain does not communicate effectively through the spinal cord and nerves to the rest of the body. The neurotransmitters, hormones, and chemicals that are supposed to aid in digestion can become altered which will negatively impact your body receiving optimal nourishment. It's not just about what your eating but how well your body can digest your food, absorb and utilize the nutrients. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments is monumental to optimizing your brain/body connection!

3) Educate. The power of the internet has unlocked some amazing educational resources if you know where to look. A fellow Life Chiropractic College West student and wife host an amazing blog which contains great information and links to help you get started on finding and eating REAL FOOD. Check them out here

Even Kids Get it!