Rapid land changes

Brycen Amick #1


A volcano is something that erupt's and form's land and destroy's land.The thing that cause's a volcano is when the magma underwater start's to get hot and erupts.A volcano change's the land because a volcano can destroy and form land.When a volcano is erupting burning hot lava and rock shoot's out the volcano.
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A tsunami is something a big giant wave that flood's the city.The thing that cause's a tsunami is a earthquake that is underground.A tsunami change's the land by a giant wave and flood underwater.When a tsunami is happening a giant flood and a giant wave destroy the city.
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A flood is something that over flow's by water.The thing's that cause flood's is when a river,pond or or a lake over flow's.When a flood is happening it over flow's the city and destroy's the city.A flood changes the land because when it over flows the city it could stay over flowed for days or weeks.
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