iProspect Fort Worth Weekly Email

April 18, 2014

Hello Fort Worth,

Did you all know that the U.S. spends over $2 BILLION on Easter candy? This year more than half of that will come from Denver (get it...?)

Client Summit is next week. While the people going will be white water rafting, golfing, spa-ing, the rest of us will be cruising, surfing, and optimizing the interwebs.


Kevin Han - 2 Years


Michael Hawtin - Sunday, 4/13

Scott Everett - Sunday, 4/13

Herndon Hasty - Friday, 4/18

Akash Deodhar - Saturday, 4/19

Chase Williams - Sunday, 4/20

Leslie Prince - Monday, 4/21

Daniel Robinson - Friday, 4/25

Cameron Schneider - Saturday, 4/26

Dakota Keyser - Saturday, 4/26

New Faces

Lin Yuan

  • I was growing up in Beijing, China
  • After got my bachelor degree in China, I went to France to get my Master degrees. I hold two master degrees, which are Communication Advertising and Brand Management.
  • Shopping, traveling, reading books, playing with my dog and taking some photos.
  • Love animals, sometimes care them more than care people.
  • Sometimes, French and English have been messed up in my head, but my Mandarin is always being genuine :)

Savannah Pullin

  • I was born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas (right outside Houston).
  • I attended Baylor University - Sic 'Em! - and graduated with a BBA in Business Journalism.
  • I love hanging out with my pets and watching the latest and greatest TV shows. I am also a foodie who loves trying any new restaurant that's suggested to me.
  • Giraffes are my favorite animals and I have a strong belief that mac 'n cheese and ice cream can cure any bad day.

Have A Great Weekend!